Connecting the Dots Between Social Media & Retail

Many retail businesses are struggling against the threat of online shopping. And now more than ever, it’s vital that store owners take action. Driving footfall into your store is key, of course. But fighting against the Internet and social media is foolish. Using it to increase visitors to your store is critical. But the big question is how do you get started? And how can you use the technology at your fingertips to improve customer footfall, loyalty, and, ultimately, sales? We’re going to discuss a few ideas with you today – read on to find out more.

Improve the experience

A little retail 101 for you to kick things off – customer experience is the only way you are going to keep people in your store. It’s the only genuine advantage you have over the online world, and it’s vital to offer your store visitors that little something extra. You can use social media to help. Drive them through your door by posting special, in-store offers on your social media channels. Show them what they are missing by posting photos of special events and sneak peeks of products. Be memorable, helpful, and display your passion for your products and people are more likely to remember to pay you a visit.

Give social media an in-store presence

Is your in-store graphics doing enough to encourage people to use your social media channels? If not, consider changing things up a little. Speak to a retail design company about creating eye catching graphics that makes it easy for people to follow you on Facebook and Twitter. Ensure someone is tracking your channels at all times while you are open. React to check-ins or mentions in a positive way. Almost nine out of ten people use their smartphones while out shopping. Social media offers an excellent opportunity to attract their attention and start building a conversation.

Study the competition

Don’t just rely on studying your social media to give you results. You should also use it to research the competition. What are your rivals doing that is attracting customer attention? Is there anything you can do the same – or better? Look at a complementary business to yours, too. There are a lot of retailers succeeding with social media, and you can use them as a source of great inspiration.

Hold live events

Making use of Facebook’s live video feature? If not, it’s an excellent way to show your followers what they are missing. If you are having an exciting in-store live event, shout about it. Show potential customers what they are missing and you should drive footfall into your shop.

Focus on your customer service

Make sure you respond to queries and complaints in a positive way. Plenty of unhappy consumers are using social media to make complaints, but you should see it as an opportunity. People can forgive mistakes, but what others will remember is how you react. If you are quick to address problems and turn an unhappy customer into a happy one, it will improve your reputation. Don’t forget, hundreds of people could be watching at any given moment – and every complaint is an opportunity to show your true colours.



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