Building effective Twitter connections.

Like receiving a five match ban, Twitter follow limits are frustrating.

How can you possibly continue building effective twitter connections?

Leadamo Academy talks twitter limits
Leadamo Academy talks twitter limits and building effective twitter connections


Some of you might have reached a Twitter follower limit. Have a look at your account. What’s the ratio of following to followers? That can be a problem. If you follow more than say a third of the number  following you then you’ll hit a ceiling. No more follows until there is parity, or other people follow you. It’s frustrating but non-negotiable. The key is to build effective twitter connections.

If they are twitter’s rules we will have to learn to live with them.

For some this might be very compromising. There is also the little matter of un following too many people randomly. That gives out the wrong signals. It then alerts the ‘spam’ police. So what’s to do?

With a good social media management tool, such as Leadamo you can easily see who is worth following. You can also see who you picked up in the early days while enthusiastically shouting ‘Me, me, look at me!’. Remember that when you first arrived on the platform? Building effective twitter connections that are mutually beneficial is key. This makes the whole experience far more beneficial.

Effective twitter communities are essential
Building effective twitter connections and meaningful communities are essential

For many, a good spring clean of followers is well overdue. If you have hit a ceiling imposed by twitter then it’s worth thinking about your approach today. Then do your best to continue by building effective twitter connections and a supportive community.

The whole following/ follower ratio is symptomatic of something more

In fact this ‘something else’ is much more important. It’s about community. After all, what is twitter all about? Is having 58 000 followers all there is to social media marketing? Think about it. The number of followers is irrelevant in some instances.

Consider your own community carefully.

  • Are your followers passionate aficionados in your niche market?
  • Do you followers support your brand?
  • Do you get anything from them?
  • Do you help each other?

Building a worthwhile community is essential.

Using a social media management platform will also give you invaluable stats. These will help you manage your community and make it more meaningful too. What’s the point of watching the twitter waterfall drown out messages? Especially if you miss those that could be really important to your business?

So what’s the best way to begin this?

First of all winnow the wheat from the chaff. Look through your followers and who you are following critically. Ask yourself: are they cluttering up my feed? Do I gain anything from a link? Am I having meaningful conversations with them? If the answer is no, then it’s obvious the unfollow button beckons.

The most effective way to develop your community on a platform like twitter is to search for connectors.

Try managing your connections with Leadamo and become a beta tester today
Try managing your connections with Leadamo and become a beta tester today

What are these you might ask? They are the glue that holds disparate entities together. Like whom for example? Perhaps it’s an industry expert or an influencer, a thought leader or commentator. You will know who is important in your niche. They have a huge tail and a great targeted following. Building a meaningful relationship with just one can help you leverage some of that listening audience too. This is more efficacious than following another 25 000 accounts! These people are already managing communities that communicate, re tweet and listen. It makes sense. You can even take this further. You can set up alerts to keep you posted when your connectors are mentioned or get published outside of twitter.

So if you have received the twitter limit notification then it’s time to review your social media strategy and implement a good social media management application. Luckily, Leadamo are looking for beta testers right now. Contact us here.

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