Change your Twitter approach right now!

Back Drafts and the Flutter of Tweets

Ok, so here we are in 2014 and things are changing so fast it’s like standing on the side of a freeway feeling the back draft as traffic whizzes past. As you watch vehicles pass and you are never likely to see those particular cars again. Can you see whether this metaphor is headed?

Jump off the social media bandwagon and start planning your next move

So, to avoid the risk of being hypnotised it’s time to change strategy or at least focus more on the manageable rather than the global. Initially you may have jumped on every bandwagon in search of the new world but now it’s time to jump off and think exactly where you are headed.

What’s the latest plan for Twitter?


Well, Top 3 things for starters would be:

What’s your reach? 

For example, if you are selling ice cream in Brighton are you likely to want to shift shed loads to Japan? Exactly. So make the decision: local, national, international, global, universal. Probably the first one will suit many. Better to have a dedicated and loyal smaller following than types who don’t actually notice your tweets as their feed is clogged up with garbage.

What can you afford in terms of time, effort and resources?

You know the scenario, you ask an expert and they suggest pinning, tweeting, posting, interacting and so on at least 10 times a day. You come away from an advisory meeting filled with enthusiasm and after a month you just can’t keep up. Pick your battles! If you have lots of plates to spin and don’t attend to them be prepared to hear them clatter and smash. It’s hard to win a brand supporter and oh so easy to alienate them. Ask yourself, ‘Do I need 500 000 followers on Twitter?’ Maybe you should focus your efforts on niche markets.

Who are your target audience? Do you really know?

It’s the beginning of a new year and a great time to overhaul your progress. Look at your social media presence. Where are you successes? What has been most popular? What are the profiles of your biggest online advocates? Who are they? What are their profiles? What age, profession etc. are they? How can you woo them?

When you have managed to glean all this information then you are ready to make a start on the next level that is working on how you use Twitter and these tips can be easily used on other social media platforms. If you can’t wait until the next blog then a) you are impatient and b) the top tip is ‘BE INTERESTING and  second: start taking photos!’

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