Business License Secrets You Wish You Knew One Year Ago

If your city or state requires a business license, then operating without one can lead to fines or the closure of your company. However, many small businesses are not aware of the regulations and falsely believe the rules do not apply to them. You may need a business license even if you are self-employed, do not sell any tangible goods or have a home business. Before you panic, you have to read the following tips about licenses.

Stay Aware of Different License Requirements

Depending on your business, you may need more than one kind of license. There are several types of business licenses, and they include city, county, state and federal versions. You do not want to apply for a city license and neglect a federal one because your business could end up in trouble. Since your location determines the licenses you must obtain, it is crucial to find accurate local information.

Apply Online If You Can

The hassle of finding, requesting and mailing forms is gone thanks to more services that allow you to apply for a business license online. Most online applications are processed faster than paper forms, and you can always print off a copy for yourself. You can also pay for your license online and get a virtual receipt. You have the option of manually searching and filling out forms by yourself or using a paid service that combines everything in one step.

Special Rules for Computer Repair Technicians

If you are a computer repair technician in Texas, then you must comply with a set of special rules. One of the requirements is that all computer repair technicians in this state must have a private investigator’s license. If you do not get this license, then you are at risk of fines of $4,000 and a year in jail. In addition, you can face an additional $10,000 penalty. Furthermore, it is not just the technicians without licenses who have to worry about these rules because any person who uses an unlicensed computer repair tech can be fined and jailed.

Business Privilege License Rules

In Philadelphia, you must have a business privilege license even if you only blog online. A woman who did not obtain this special business license was fined $300 by the city because she had a blog. Philadelphia is not the only city with these types of rules, so it is important to check your local government’s regulations. City officials explain that any website that has advertisements is considered a business.

Tour Guide Regulations

In Washington D.C., you must have a license to give any tours. If you fail to obtain the proper business license, then you can be jailed for 90 days. Even independent tour guides who are not part of a large company must have this type of license. However, you are no longer required to take a long exam to get the license, so the process has been made easier.

A business license can be an essential part of your company. If you are wondering if you need one, then educate yourself about the laws or seek the help of an experienced lawyer. You do not want to take the chance of facing large fines and other problems by forgetting to get a business license.



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