Per Wickstrom Explains Why Every New Business Needs a Solid Company Policy

When starting a new business there is so much to do that one of the most commonly overlooked areas is in establishing a company policy. Unlike a business model that details what you hope to accomplish and how you intend to get there, a company policy is more of a ‘how to’ manual for your employees. Without a company policy clearly defined from the very beginning, many businesses will find that employees are confused about what they should or shouldn’t be doing.

Protecting Your Company with a Procedural Company Policy

There have even been times when employers opened themselves up to litigation because employees weren’t advised from the very beginning what would be expected of them and what was considered to be acceptable behavior. Per Wickstrom urges just how important it is to have a company policy in place before hiring that very first employee.

Your Company’s Zero Tolerance Policy

It is a sad state of affairs that today’s company even needs to put this in their company policy manual but the fact is, there are millions of addicts out there who show up to work every day of the week under the influence of everything from alcohol to prescription medications to illicit street drugs. Your company policy should give them fair warning how you will deal with those who are under the influence, announce your intention to ask for a urine test and how you will deal with those who are found to be ‘dirty.’ This is where you detail your zero tolerance policy.

Zero Tolerance Does Not Mean Zero Compassion

However, you can also use this part of the company policy manual to tell your employees that you will be happy to help them seek rehab such as at the Best Drug Rehab Manistee MI and counseling if they come forward and that HR is ready, willing and able to help them find resources within your community. Just because you have a Zero Tolerance policy doesn’t mean you have zero compassion. That one employee who tests dirty just might be your top performer.

Outlining Acceptable Procedures and Behaviors

Per Wickstrom has built, from the ground up, several rehab facilities in a number of locations. One of the things that is so special about each and every one of his facilities is that all employees have clearly defined functions and understand what is considered to be acceptable behavior. There is no question about such things as leave of absence, obtaining a doctor’s note upon returning to work after being off due to illness and literally everything an employee needs to know about the company, how it is organized and how it works.

What to Do If a Problem Should Arise

One of the most important aspects of a documented company policy pertains to procedures for acting if a problem should arise. In an ideal world, employees would never have a need to complain to management about such things as discrimination or unfair working conditions, for example. Unfortunately, we live in the real world and these issues do arise from time to time. Most often there is no validity in the accusations, but even so, a proper procedure should be followed and your company policy will tell your employees how you are going to deal with any and all complaints they might have. It will also apprise them of how to report any issues to the correct person in the chain of command.

As you can see, outlining your company policy not only protects you as an employer but also informs your employees of their rights and how you will work to ensure a safe working environment for them. It really is your duty as an employer to provide this information and your Company Policy manual is where that will happen.



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