Business Signage, Your First Chance to Make a Lasting Impression

Picture yourself outside on a charismatically warm and sunny day, the ambient temperature rising, birds chirping gleefully, nothing but clear skies as far as the eye can see. You find yourself wandering around the business district of a bustling city. Being new to the area, and your cellphone having just run out of data, navigating the streets is a daunting task but you need to pick up a few odds and ends for your new loft. Suddenly you feel a distinct rumble in your stomach and realize that you’ve not yet eaten lunch.

If everything in the area is new to you, and you’ve not yet had the opportunity to find your ‘favourite spot’, how will you know where to go? Looking towards the tops of the buildings lining the street in front of you, you notice an inviting sign for a charming little café and are instantly drawn to artsy lettering, warm colours and bold graphics. You’ve just made the first step in the consumer sales cycle based solely on exterior business signage.

Businesses of all calibers enlist the services of business sign manufacturers to help them design and create signage capable of not only showcasing their business, but also of setting them ahead of their competition. The sign industry has advanced far past the days of traditional wooden boards adorned with stamped bold, black lettering and now can be crafted using a variety of mediums including LED lights, moving pictures, letters in every colour of the rainbow and even pre-recorded messages or sounds. Despite advances in technology and artistic capabilities, one thing remains the same – the importance of partnering with a company that specialises in signage design and manufacturing for the business world. A piece of orange Bristol board with handwritten calligraphy simply will not suffice.

Superior sign design is not a new concept, businesses are forever redesigning their brand and their advertising signs in a bid to make their company rise above the rest. This is because they understand that the more welcoming, professional or inviting their sign appears, the more likely it is to drive business traffic and to create a great lasting impression. The best signs are seen from a distance and are capable of capturing the attention of potential consumers.

In business, and in life, there is only one chance to make a decent first impression. Brick and mortar businesses can capitalize on exterior real estate by investing in business signage that will not only attract the attention of consumers, but will also serve to strengthen their corporate brand recognition.

Remember, high quality signage is what invites consumers through the door!



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