How to Maintain a Happy and Productive Workforce

In the hustle and bustle of the modern working world, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia are symptoms common across many overworked people. With the amount of work hours needed to keep the rent paid and stomachs full, more and more employees are starting to suffer from lower productivity and lack of motivation. Chronic stress amongst employees is not only detrimental to the employees themselves but the business as a whole. Tired and irritated employees are less likely to focus on work and get into squabbles between themselves. Let us go through some ways which could help keep your workforce in top condition.


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The little things


Try sympathising with the people working within your company, understand that they have more on their mind than just work. Everyone has a life and family or people close to them which they need to take care of and spend time with. By introducing little changes which will make day to day work much easier on the mind, you will end up with a much more productive and willing driving force for the company. Allowing more flexible working hours, letting people leave earlier, or come in later as long as the work gets done has already proven to be a huge motivational tool. This kind of treatment makes workers feel like less of one of many pawns on the chessboard, but more like your business partners, consequently getting them more emotionally involved in the company and creating a sense of teamwork. The same principle applies to slightly longer lunches, if the necessary tasks for the day get done, then why not allow for slightly longer lunches? This would build stronger bonds between employees, once against strengthening that feeling of team spirit.


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Keeping organised


When you have more than just a few people to look after, it might be hard to keep all your promises to all your workers. All those specific holiday times, the random time needed off, paying everyone on time, it all adds up to quite the task at the end of the day. Sure you might have other members of staff who are responsible for taking care of those requests, but they are only human after all. With a large number of employees it is hard to keep track of everything without some sort of specialised software built for that exact purpose. HRMS, or Human Resource Management Software, is just that. Taking care of things such as paying everyone on time, will be sure to minimize occasions when an employee has a point of concern about feeling treated unfairly, or you not keeping your word. Not only can this be a fully automated process, it is also much more transparent in the way it works. Providing you with a plethora of analytics which you may view and analyse at your leisure, potentially giving you ideas on what to improve within the company.


A wise man once said, “I truly believe that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business”.



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