Can a video for my website increase my chances of making sales?

Without question, videos have proven a great addition to online marketing.  The results that have been released over recent years continue to show increasing positive stats for businesses and profiles that use video to engage their current audiences for longer and for attracting new ones. So, should you just go out and order a video for your company website tomorrow?

As with any form of marketing, you need to study your target market and see if what you are about to invest in will hit a substantial enough percentage of the audience that you are looking to attract. Not only the decision of whether or not you go for a video relies on who your target audience is, but if you opt for a video then it will dictate both the style of video you do and where the video is advertised.

Whenever a business wants a new video from us, we generally run through the following questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Is this video for external or internal use? Is it to attract new clients or maintain your existing clients?
  • Have you studied your competitors and see if they are using videos and if so, what success they are having?
  • What is your budget?
  • What web traffic are you currently receiving and what amount of views are you expecting to achieve?
  • Have you considered pushing the video out across all the social media channels to include YouTube?
  • Knowing your target audience, are you looking to keep the style educational or have you considered a viral video approach?
  • Location for filming and props / equipment – Are we concentrating and using your current staff or are we able to draft in models?

These kind of questions will help yourself and ourselves understand the style of video we need to be doing that will engage your target audience. If all of the above has been taken in to consideration you will be able to really foresee the kind of results your video will achieve for you. Videos really get a boost from being shared across social media platforms so make sure this is part of your agenda when having a new video done, most age groups across most countries are on sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter so make sure you share your video on them.

Going viral is not all about millions of views in only a few hours, you are looking to attract your key target audience and engage them in a way that shows your product / service as the best. Some companies will have a huge market to aim for, others a very small amount, so do not be disheartened if your video has only a few views compared to others as you may very well find that your video is in fact giving you a far better return on investment!

If you do opt for a video then do remember that the better the quality of your video then the better results it will achieve. With over 80 hours of video footage uploaded to YouTube every minute, online browsers have an immense selection to choose from and they will not take time to watch your video if things such as poor image quality, shaky picture, poor lighting or sound etc is the standard you are offering them.



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