Can Video Games Help With Your Mental Health?

With the worst year for mental health out of the way, and with another one possibly on its way, it’s important to look after your mental self.

Can video games really help improve your mental health?

Video games are entertainment, but unlike movies, they are interactive, meaning that you always need to be paying attention to what is happening,  for many people, it’s not just a way to have fun, it can help reduce stress, anxiety, as well as just helping you think more clearly, these, of course, depend on who you are, the like and dislikes you have in gaming and the games you play.

Turning on your console, loading up a game and diving into a fictitious world can just help you take your mind of problems that are going on in the real world, they help you forget about the things that really get you down, and some will say this is a bad thing, and it is if these issues need to be sorted out by you, but there are a lot of things that we don’t have control over, taking a step into a new world where you become the hero can help to boost your confidence, teach you something new and light up your brain with enjoyment.

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Oliver Walkey

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