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Best Xbox IP trackers similar to xResolver

2nd February 2023

Are you a regular player? Sometimes you may be tempted to know who your opponent is. Most of these Xbox IP grabbers capture IP address, geolocation, city, and Internet Service Provider information. This is essential to check if you are in the company of a hacker or not. IP sniffers allow gamers, IT professionals, or…

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Best Nintendo Switch Games

27th July 2022

Nintendo just sold more software than ever before, so it’s hoping to keep things rolling with some cool games coming out in 2022 and 2023. Nintendo’s Switch has proved that a console is only as good as the games it can play, and with such an impressive library of games, picking out only 25 of…

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Fifa a mile ahead in UK’s most searched games

11th June 2021

The country might be opening up, but some popular video games still keep gamers locked indoors. The video game industry is booming, and great games manage to keep people’s minds captivated for months – if not years – after their release. So, which games are the most on people’s minds at the moment? We analysed…

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5 Gaming News Stories

24th January 2021

1. Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed To 2022 after the dev’s say they need more time. 2. Resident Evil Village will release in May and will come with RE: Verse multiplayer game. 3. Resident Evil: Village Maiden Demo is available on PS5 right now. You play as an unnamed maiden trying to escape the dungeon.…

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All Xbox One Free Games With Gold in 2020

19th January 2021

January Styx: Shards of Darkness Batman: The Telltale Series February TT Isle of Man Call of Cthulhu March Batman: The Enemy Within Shantae: Half-Genie Hero April Project CARS 2 Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle May V-Rally 4 Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr June Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse Coffee Talk July WRC 8 FIA…

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Ubisoft To Make The Next Star Wars Game

14th January 2021

With EA’s exclusivity deal now confirmed to be coming to an end in 2023, Ubisoft will be the first to develop a Star Wars game that will be released after the deal ends. In an emailed statement, EA said: “We’re proud of our long-standing collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, which will continue for years to come.”…

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Can Video Games Help With Your Mental Health?

14th January 2021

With the worst year for mental health out of the way, and with another one possibly on its way, it’s important to look after your mental self. Can video games really help improve your mental health? Video games are entertainment, but unlike movies, they are interactive, meaning that you always need to be paying attention…

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Games To Look Forward To In 2021

1st January 2021

2020 is over and 2021 is here, a fantastic line up of video games are set to release this year and a load that we’re hoping for confirmation, including the likes of God of War Ragnarok, Hitman 3, Gotham Knights, Horizon Forbidden West, Hogwarts Legacy, Far Cry 6 and Resident Evil 8: Village. So here’s…

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Will Ubisoft+ Join The Xbox Game Pass?

31st December 2020

On November 10th EA Play became an amazing addition to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, bringing along 85 games, including Fifa, Madden, Dead Space, Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront, Sims 4, Heat, Titanfall 2, A Way Out and many more. Now all we have are rumors of Ubisoft+ coming to Microsoft’s subscription service, nothing confirmed or…

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