Celebrate the Great British Summer with Cobra Beer

The Great British Summertime is slowly but surely approaching, so it’s about time to pick a mouth-watering Beer to enjoy in the shining sun.

There are a lot of choices to choose from, so I recommend giving Cobra Beer a try, they have helped you out a bit with giving some suggestions on some good food pairing to try this summer.

Cobra Beer’s inclusive range is available to help everyone celebrate in style this year.

Brewed Smooth For All Food, please find below a round-up of the newly-branded Cobra offerings, all of which have been approved as vegan-friendly, following accreditation by The Vegetarian Society.

Lord Bilimoria, Founder and Chairman of Cobra Beer, comments:

“Long before the revival of British real ales and the rise of craft beer, I wanted to create a lager that was less gassy than most and more drinkable than most real ales – a beer with the smoothness of an ale and the refreshment of a larger – in other words, a beer that could accompany all kinds of food”.

Trying to decide which beer to pair with your summer dining can sometimes be a tricky choice, that is why Cobra Beer has put together a comprehensive guide to celebrate the Great British Summer.

Cobra Extra Smooth Premium

The core to a great Summer BBQ; Cobra Premium is a beer expertly brewed to pair with all types of food.  Made from a complex recipe of seven ingredients, and brewed to give a smooth and sophisticated taste, Cobra Premium is best suited to dishes with a bit of a kick; pair Cobra Premium with Peri Peri spatchcock chicken or lobster with spicy coleslaw.

Available nationwide from £4.25 (4x330ml) 

King Cobra

This super-premium, full-bodied beer is double fermented in the bottle, giving King Cobra a warming and powerful depth. Served in a champagne style bottle, this is the perfect celebratory beer to enjoy chilled with friends. Pair King Cobra with fish dishes such as Thai crab cakes or Miso cured salmon.

Available from Tesco and Morrisons from £5.00 for 750ml

Cobra Zero

Expertly brewed, yet with 0% ABV, Cobra Zero is an excellent choice for those looking for a sophisticated serve without the alcohol. The award-winning recipe uses only the finest ingredients and has a sweet and malty flavour.

Available from Asda and Ocado from £3.00 (4x330ml)

Cobra Gluten Free

Brewed with the same complex recipe as Cobra Premium; Cobra Gluten Free is the ideal choice for those looking for a delicious beer without the effects of gluten. The beer has been Vegetarian Society approved and Coeliac accredited. Pair with delicious vegetarian BBQ dishes such as charred aubergine or feta, pomegranate and tomato lettuce cups.

Available from Asda and Ocado from £5.99 (4x330ml)

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