SSL2BUY Review – What makes SSL2BUY a worthy SSL reseller

Are you a follower or a believer?

Let me ask it differently.

Do you follow the crowd, or do you verify facts on your own to believe them?

I am the latter kind — the believer. I believe in finding facts, checking them, and accepting them on my own. I want to see to believe anything.

It is why it took more than three months for me to buy a single SSL certificate. It took me so long because I wanted to see for myself what the SSL certificate resellers were offering. I was not prepared to pay for anything without being 100% assured that it was worth paying for.

And that’s how I found out SSL2BUY. SSL2BUY is a noted SSL certificate reseller. A reseller means an authorized person who sells on behalf of the original Certificate Authority. Now, the CA is someone who issues the SSL certificate.

Sounds confusing? I saw stars revolving around my head when trying to make sense of these things. But, thanks to the SSL2BUY, things got easier.

The purchase process was reasonably straightforward. It was easy to find what I wanted. So, I thought why not share my experience with the world. Who knows, it might help you make an informed decision of buying an SSL certificate as well.

One store. Many brands.

The cybersecurity world is a complicated maze. There are too many threats and an equal number of stalwarts who make security products to thwart them as well. That made my journey of buying an SSL certificate bit cumbersome. I did not have the know-how to figure out which brand was the best to buy an SSL certificate.

SSL2BUY, as a single SSL certificate store, offers many brands including Comodo, GeoTrust, Thawte, GlobalSign, RapidSSL, AlphaSSL, Symantec, among many others. These are the best in the segment when it comes to SSL certificates. Finally, when I had made up my mind as to what brand I would pick, it was easy to buy it from SSL2BUY.

Local availability, global presence

Once I had bought my SSL certificate, I wanted to recommend the same to a friend of mine in Russia. There are not many players who are selling SSL certificate in specific region as well.

SSL2BUY was an exception to this. My friend was able to access the website and buy the SSL certificate from it without any hassles. SSL2BUY offers local availability as well as a global presence.

Priced for all

Bloggers. Startups. Enterprises. SSL2BUY has SSL certificates available for all kinds of enterprises and price range. I was fairly impressed to see SSL certificates available in the price band of $9 onwards. Of course, this was for a single domain SSL certificate for my blog.

Multi-domain SSL certificates or SAN SSL certificates could cost a lot more. But I am kind of convinced that SSL2BUY does sell Cheap Wildcard SSL and Cheap EV SSL certificates.

In a way, the cost was no longer an obstacle not to purchase an SSL certificate.

The safety net of money back guarantee

When I was about to buy SSL certificates. When I stumbled upon SSL2BUY’s money back guarantee, I was somewhat surprised. It felt to be the right way of selling anything. Most importantly, a digital product like an SSL certificate. So, rest assured, even if your SSL certificate is not performing the way you want it to, you always have the safety new of money back guarantee to bank on. In case of mis-issuance, you will have backing of money back guarantee.

The support that loves customers

The long waits to get replies, the ghosting of agents, the wrong responses — I have gone through all kinds of customer support tragedies. But, SSL2BUY’s approach to customer support impressed me. They have a ticketing system on their contact page, which can be used to raise tickets for any concern. They also have a live chat and email support that can be reached out for any assistance. I felt their customer support to be one that genuinely loves customers.

In the end

One website for the internet, one huge relief for website owners. This is how one can best describe SSL2BUY. That is how I would explain SSL2BUY to anyone new. If you need a cheap EV SSL certificate or a cheap Wildcard SSL certificate, SSL2BUY is the go-to website.

They offer branded SSL certificates straight from the genuine Certificate Authorities, and there is no chance of being duped with duplicate products. You will find all kinds of SSL certificates at affordable prices. Additionally, there is also a helping customer support team that will take care of all issues that you come across while buying and installing an SSL certificate.

As a global reseller of SSL certificates, SSL2BUY has earned a name for itself. They are reliable, trustworthy, and go the extra mile to offer a money back guarantee for customers.

Hope it will help you make an informed decision as well. I would recommend you hasten the purchase. Every single day spent without an SSL certificate is inviting tragedy to your website.


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