Chocolate For The Chocolate Lovers

Britain’s Greatest Little Chocolate company, Montezuma’s was founded in 2000 by Helen and Simon Pattinson after they discovered their taste and passion for chocolate in South America, this trip they took changed their lives forever, becasue when they got back to the UK they now had a dream to create extraordinary British chocolate that boasted an innovative range of fun flavour combinations.

With almost 20 years after setting up their first shop in Brighton, they have never once compromised on quality or taste across every single chocolate product they’ve sold, with their years of good business behind them, the brand is known for using the best quality, ethically sourced cocoa from plantations that meet its strict ‘business done properly’ policy and it also places the environment at the heart of how it does business and the packaging of every new product is 100% recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.

The Happiness Salted Caramelised Hazelnut Chocolate Bar – Tasting Notes – “A soft creamy chocolate encasing small crunchy hazelnut pieces that explode into flavour when bitten into, small subtle hints of caramel complete the experience with that extra touch of sweetness.” One small piece won’t be enough, very soon I’ll need a new chocolate bar to replace this one.

Montezuma’s continue to expand their range of chocolate, including many organic, gluten-free, vegan, keto and sugar-free options.

This Happiness bar, along with many more of their Chocolate bars are available to order online at

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