Choosing A Uniform For Your Workplace: 7 Tips To Find The Perfect Workwear

Choosing the right workplace uniform is crucial for customer-facing businesses. It shows brand consistency and unity and helps customers associate a certain look and professionalism with your business. A lot goes into the design and creation of a uniform.

You will need to ensure it is suitable for the type of work your employees will be doing and comfortable enough for your employees to work productively in it. This article will explore some of the key things to consider when deciding on a uniform for your business.

Choose Colours That Fit With Your Branding

You should choose colours that complement your branding. While you might be tempted to use the colours of your branding for the uniform, this may not be right for the tone of your business. For instance, if your business tone is formal and serious, then kitting out your team in bright colours may conflict with the tone you want to put across. Instead, choose muted shades like blacks, greys and blues with accents of colour.

Use High-Quality Materials

Always choose high-quality materials and fabrics for your uniforms. You want these uniforms to last, and even uniforms for the least strenuous of roles will see a lot of use and wear and tear over time. Investing in quality materials can ensure that you won’t have to replace the uniforms frequently.

Find A Reputable Wholesaler

You’ll need to order plenty of sets of your uniform in various sizes to account for future hires and replacement sets. You should look for a wholesaler that can offer excellent rates and high-quality clothing. Screen Textiles is a perfect option for any business, with top-notch quality and hardwearing workwear available in a vast range of styles and colours.

Select Comfortable Fabrics

Your employees’ comfort is a top priority. Your team need to be comfortable to be able to work productively. You should avoid materials that will chafe or become itchy when worn for long periods.

If possible, request samples of the materials and fabrics so that you can see how comfortable they will be.

Work Out Your Budget

You will need to know what you can afford to spend on your uniforms. It is crucial not to compromise quality for cost, but you should still look for the best possible deals to ensure you get value for money.

Consider The Job Requirements

Consider all the things your team will be doing in their uniform. If you have a range of job and uniform requirements, it is best to choose different items of clothing for different employees while maintaining consistency in colour and branding.

For instance, your office staff will have different requirements for their clothing compared to warehouse staff. Always ensure the uniform you choose will be safe and practical for the work done.

Get Input From Your Team

Your team are the ones that will be wearing the uniform, so it is crucial to consult with them during the designing process. They may have insights into what the uniform needs to enable them to do their specific role comfortably and productively.


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