Choosing The Right Storefront Signage Which Will Surely Optimize Your Brand

The main factor that helps every business being recognized by the public are signages. Every store sign you install in your establishment helps create an excellent first impression and at the same time, it is also one way for people to identify your brand. It’s also your weapon to compete healthily in the demanding business market.

Take note that signages come in different shape, size, style, and design. So, depending on the type of business you have, the signages you are about to produce must be something that suits what your brand offers. You have to fully reflect on what you do as a business, who will be your customer and the geographical setting of your store.

So, along with the process of you deciding what type of storefront signs you would like to create and install, in this article, we’d like to exhibit some popular types of store signages you may choose from. In this way, you will learn the differences in the different classification of signages which may help you in choosing the right one which will fit your needs.

Custom Cut and Metal Logo Signages

Custom cut metal signs are considered as three-dimensional store signages which adds texture and interest to every customer. These type of signages helps you unleash your creativity by choosing the right font style, size, color, and background. Also, metal signs are durable and reliable which only requires lower maintenance.

During night time, you may add some reflection of light so that it will be visible to the public. This will ensure that your establishment would be recognized by everyone.

Fabric-made Storefront Signage

A fabric sign is considered as the most unique and exquisite type of store signages you can choose. Unlike other signages, fabric signs required thorough maintenance as they are high risk to the daily wear and tear. Many entrepreneurs tend to choose this type of signages; however, since it required upkeep maintenance, this might be too costly in the long run.

The main materials used for this signage are fade-resistant fabrics, nylon, plastic, and vinyl which again deems a costly type of materials to maintain. Though the materials used are expensive, one good attribute that a fabric sign brings to every business is its versatility. They can be used in any types of business and effectively attracts customer in any given type of the day.

Plywood Signages

Plywood signages are usually seen on restaurant and resto-bars who would like to showcase a traditional yet sleek appearance and feels. These are also inexpensive types of signages you can choose and at the same time it gives out an elegant finish. Depending on the type of business you possess, you can choose different color, shape, size, and design which you can suggest directly to a signage specialist.

Besides, if you want durable plywood signage which will work for a long time, there are various premium materials that you can also select from cherry to oak tree; however, the cost may be higher than typical plywood signage.

Painted Glass Signage

Painted glass signage is a distinct type of storefront sign you can consider. It’s also a cheap signage type; however, it looks attractive. You have the chance to incorporate the design, type, and style right in the front of your glass door or walls as you go along and work with your signage specialist.

On the other hand, there might be a slight disadvantage, especially at night because it might be as much as visible during the day. Nevertheless, if there’s a light reflection added to it, then it must work with no hitch.

Rock-Type Signages

Together with metal signages, a rock or stone storefront signs are considered as the most reliable and durable type of signages. They can work and handle changing weather conditions and lasts for longer periods. They may serve as permanent signs which provides a sleek and unique look for your business.

One disadvantage that you might consider before choosing this type of signage is the cost and effort you will be giving if you relocate your business. This is the main reason that if you choose this type of signage, you must be sure that your geographical setting is permanent in the long run.


Either you are starting or your business is on the process of booming, your ability to put a high priority to your storefront signs can mean a lot for your business. As stated, these signages serve as an identity and a trademark for your establishment to make sure that the public knows what your brand is offering.

Therefore, as you go and look for perfect signage that attracts more customers, the classification of storefront signs listed above should help you choose the right and suited sign which will meet your expectations with ease.


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