How much does a website design cost in 2019?

Considering that more and more people opt for website design lately, there is no wonder why this industry experienced a boom in terms of prices. Today, companies rely on the online environment to expand their customer number and to improve their brand image. Increasing sales by creating and growing a business website is guaranteed, as long as everything is done right.

Because of the huge demand for new websites, the prices went up and web designers raised their standards too. At the same time, websites became faster, better looking and scalable for all types of devices, upgrades that are accompanied by higher degrees of difficulty in terms of coding. Here’s what you should know about the website design market this year.

What website prices we should expect in 2019?

First of all, it is paramount to understand the difference between building a website on your own and hiring an agency or a freelance web designer for it. Doing it yourself is the cheapest option you have at the moment, but the resources required besides the financial ones are colossal. For a person with no experience in the field, building a website is an intricate process that will take a lot of time. The final version of the website might still contain beginner’s mistakes which can affect how positive the feedback is. The cost of creating a website on your own starts somewhere around £20 and goes up to £200, making it much more advisable to choose a website designer to built it for you as you’ll see a much better return on investment.

On the other hand, hiring an agency to handle the entire process for you can get very expensive, anywhere from £1,000 to £40,000, for complicated websites. The numbers are shocking, we know. But this is the value of such services at the moment and the result obtained through the services of a website design company are tremendous. Such websites can compete with the biggest brands out there, and this matters in a world where UX determines whether a site is worthy of visits or not.

Why are web design prices going up so quickly?

The answer to this question is simple: high demand, along with the rapid development of technology. As mentioned in the introduction, the website design industry is currently suffering changes that affect how prices are set. In the past, entrepreneurs did not invest considerable amounts of money into building websites because not many people could access them and no one knew how big of a deal eCommerce will be today. In the present, some entrepreneurs choose to narrow down their business and keep the online shop active only because of how profitable it is. Web designers and agencies realize how important their work is for the success of the respective website, and they charge as much as they should. Websites today are far more functional than of a few years ago capturing data, business enquiries, working on business accounting software, taking orders and more.

How much a web designer should charge at the moment?

Web design should be charged according to experience and the services included in what is offered. Normally, the website design process includes anything from frontend & backend development, purchasing a domain, quality assurance, website architecture to bug fixing, SEO, copywriting services, support, and training. Freelance web designers can charge a person up to £5,000 for a complex website, and sometimes even more, depending on how many custom design features are involved in the process.


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