Connect Offline And Social With New Technology

A lot has been written about justifying your social media efforts, with a lot of questions being posed such as:

  • Does social really provide return on investment?
  • How can you relate social to your business offline?
  • How can you leverage your social presence in the best way?

These questions are often debated, however there is a new breed of technologies & tools that are starting to change the way we value social in the offline world.

Below, we’ve created a list of products, tools & technologies that can truly benefit your business by linking your social media to the offline world and your other marketing efforts.


Fliike is the first physical like counter, designed for local businesses and marketing departments. Fliike is currently sold out due to it’s popularity but you can join the waiting list for the product on their website.

In essence the product runs as a like counter – allowing you to see how many likes your page has in real time as a ticker.  This is great for putting in your stores window as it gives a triple benefit.  First it allows you to see how many likes you have and how this is developing, it raises awareness for your customers of your Facebook page, and it shows you in a good light as a modern company with a growing Facebook audience.  What’s more, your customers will like your page simply to see the numbers go up due to the novelty factor!


Facebook Automated Check-In

Many events and large scale organisations such as theme parks have started using technology to facilitate check ins at their locations automatically.  Technology exists that allows you to get users to check in direct from wearable tech carrying GPS systems, such as wristbands and lanyards.

This allows you to generate engagement on your social media profiles by the stories created from the check ins, and allows you to create a fun experience for users.

Custom USB Drives

Custom USB drives are a great addition to your marketing efforts.  One tactic is to give these out at conferences, pre-loaded with a special offer that people can redeem by going to your social media profiles.It’s even better if you go to town with this by creating custom lanyards explaining your offer, such as these from Lanyard Makers.  This allows you to track how many people have come to your social media direct from your offline marketing efforts – particularly at events.


What’s more, you can create some really cool custom USB drives which may get some social media buzz in their own right.

Wifi Offers

Shopping centres such as Westfield have started offering free Wifi in their centres, but only for users who either like their page, check in on Facebook, or at least use their social presence to login (thereby giving their details).

This allows these centres to generate engagement, and new followers/fans from their physical presence whilst collecting valuable data.  This isn’t too difficult to set up for any business, and should be considered for smaller businesses – particularly coffee shops and restaurants for instance.


In conclusion there are a number of ways to connect your social media presence to your physical presence to leverage and benefit both for the benefit of the other.  Get creative with new technology, other marketing material and more to get ahead in todays hyper-competitive social media marketing world!



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