Time people spend on Twitter averages 170 minutes per month!

According to a new infographic from Dashburst, people spend an average of 170 minutes per month on Twitter alone! Another study released this summer from Experian found Americans spend, on average, 16 minutes of every hour on social networking sites.

It is very easy to spend much of your spare (and working) time on social media platforms as they become more and more populated with rich and engaging content that you are currently looking. For businesses using social media management to promote their brand, just trying to keep up with all of the changes and host of new platforms launching, or discovering what algorithm Google has updated, can be very exhausting. But the thing to learn from these kind of figures, especially for business owners, is that social media platforms are ideal places for your brand to be seen and a great chance for you to engage with your target audience.

170 minutes per month tells us that social media is in deed very popular and add to that the fact that social media is being accessed increasingly via mobile / tablets you can see a trend forming and a new way forward for online business exposure.



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