Content Creation And SEO Success!

A big part of running an online arm of a business is optimizing it for search engines. You see, search engines are the directories of the modern age. Instead of a big, hefty phone book, people will use services like Google and Bing to find the businesses they need.


SEO, or search engine optimization allows you to position your business to answer your target markets questions. You want them to find you when they go looking for businesses. The higher up you are in search rankings, the more chance you’ll have of your business site being visited.


But what are the search rankings based on? Well, they do depend on secret algorithms to rank search results, but you can get your business working with these by doing three things:


  1. Being authentic – counterfeit businesses or copycats don’t see much light of day through search engines.
  2. Being unique – if you stand out from the crowd, you’ll be ranked higher as you are offering a different option.
  3. Appeal – if you are standing out and using keywords that appeal to your target audience, you’ll rise up the rankings and be noticed more.


Simply put, you need to completely engineer your website to attract people. You need to engineer your business website from the top down to ensure every part of it, every single piece of written copy is maximizing on its potential to get noticed on a search engine. This doesn’t have to be hard work, but it can seem so when you’ve got to scrap page after page of old copy because it’s not working for you. Replacing old copy with better words that more accurately describe products in a more authentic and unique way will have plenty of benefits, though!


If you can replace the copy on your website, good! You can also go one step further with regular blogging. Blogging can offer an unmatched insight into your company for your customers, it can also bring attention to your products on a more in-depth basis. Blogging is good because it creates a stream of fresh content that is constantly boosting your online appeal. It’s good to offer different voices though, so curate some guest blogs and manage them with a guest post tracker to see what is working for you in the blogosphere and what isn’t.


Blogs are just one way that you can create content. Content is a good idea even if its relation to your product is slim as it can bring focus to your brand, products, and business. Videos or video blogs are another great way that you can create content. Podcasts can work, but they are tricky to plan – what does a Wood Chipper business talk about that is relatable? It’s all about knowing your business and knowing exactly what type of content is going to suit your needs.


The thing is, if you’re proactive about keeping a well managed website, you’ll see more success than occasionally revamping everything. Arm your website with the right keywords and attract your target audience in with quality content.

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