Creative Social Media Campaign Ideas for Christmas.

Now that Christmas is well and truely appearing on the horizon, if not for same staring them straight in the face, we need to tak a quick look at how you can use social media for Christmas marketing campaings.

Here are some tips on how social media can increase your brand presence and SEO over the festive period:

  • Think about holding a promotion where a prize is given to the best photo at Christmas and increase likes and views on your Facebook page by stating who ever gets the most votes wins.
  • Don’t forget to include relevant hashtags to promote your campaign and spread the spirit of giving.
  • Think 12 days of Christmas and try and release on each day a promotion or competition that engages your key target audience.
  • Create a Christmas identity so think about re-branding pages and give them a Christmas feel.
  • Always measure the success of ongoing social media campaigns. Look in to the analytics to see how responsice campaigns have been and what web traffic they are generating.
  • Use a Fan-Gate on Facebook to entice new likes, use a Christmas themed image with giveaway incentive.
  • Use Christmas hints and tips in your updates as people love this kind of content and will generally share it to their network.
  • Ask Christmas themed questions such as ‘What is your favourite drink at Christmas’ or ‘What roast will you be having this Christmas day’? etc

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