The Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Blog.

Blog writing for your business is an important part of your on line marketing strategy and integral to successful SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Blog writing should contain relevant, keyword rich content that engages your target audience and prompts sharing and comments. Some dos and don’ts for writing your own blog for business include:

  1. Understand your target audience and the type of content they enjoy reading and how it is written. Your style of writing should appeal to the gender, age and location of the audience you are looking to engage.
  2. Have a style of writing that is unique to you. Once your blog gathers momentum (readership) people will be attracted to the way in which you write so make sure you have a style and stick to it.
  3. Understand Google and SEO and read up on the recommendations for blog writing such as how many words a blog should be (currently recommended to be 300 – 400 words) and whether you need to include images , links etc.
  4. Social Media. Make sure you share your blog across social media and also include share buttons on each of your blogs to increase the chances of what you write going viral.
  5. Respond to comments when they come in and thank anyone for feedback. You will find that some blogs you write gain no attention and no Google ranking and others rank highly with many people commenting.
  6. Spelling and grammar. Make sure that what you write contains no errors such as broken links, grammar or spelling errors as this can put people off reading your current and future blog posts.
  7. Keep the theme positive and stay away from a negative feel to blogs.
  8. Stay clear of debates on subjects such as religion, politics or football (unless it is the theme of your business) as this people generally do not like other imposing their beliefs on them.
  9. Safety first and remember not to share sensitive information such as addresses and private phone numbers.


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