Customize a Perfect Gift for Your Loved One at Mixbook

Are you stuck on what to give your loved one this coming holiday? A watch, a pair of socks, or a bouquet might do the trick. But are not all those gift ideas becoming monotonous? How about getting photobooks from Mixbook with a heartfelt caption alongside it?

How to customize a photobook from Mixbook

Like the name states, a photobook is like an ordinary book, but the only difference is that it has photos, with or without texts. It is more like a tool that allows you to showcase photos that are familiar with your recipient. For example, if you want to present it to your lover, you can include photos taken during your wedding, graduation, or vacation. Here are the best ideas to help you craft the best photobook from Mixbook.

Choose a design

At Mixbook, there are dozens of perfect photo book themes for your project thanks to Blank Book. It is software that helps you to customize your heartfelt content. Browse the designs and narrow your options. Once you have settled on what you want, feel free to create an attractive layout.

Think outside the box

A picture or a photo can speak volumes of messages. However, it makes perfect sense when you include an exciting text using over 200 fonts and a wide range of stickers and backgrounds. If you are using Mixbook’s template for the first time, consider clicking on the “see how it works” option to get an idea of how a layout should look like.

In this section, you can select an exclusive theme from one of your favorite designers. You can also choose a design with Mixbook’s Blank Book. Now you can browse the square, portrait, or landscape books.

Get in touch if you get stuck

Part of the reason why Mixbook’s team was born is to help you come up with the best photo book of all time. Being creative should be fun, which is why they will not hesitate to guide you every step of the way. If you have any questions or need help with finding the best design, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team. Alternatively, you can go through the FAQs section to find answers to your questions.

Tell your one-of-a-kind story with Mixbook’s photo books

Mixbook believes that every photobook has a unique story to tell. It does not take rocket science to find a design, theme, or shape. All you need is to have an idea of what you want, and then take advantage of the wide range of collections to come up with something that will last in the memories of your recipient.

A photo book does not have to be boring. Its primary goal is to retain your unforgettable memories and surprise your loved ones with a unique gift. Take your time to explore our gallery of wedding photo books, school memory books, and holiday photo albums to find anything that matches your occasion. If you feel the need to customize it from scratch, the team will be ready to assist you.


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