Dima’s Vodka – The Ukrainian Way

Dima’s Vodka is a fairly new creation, it was launched at the beginning of the pandemic, already showing that they can embrace the hardest of times, it was created by Ukrainian-born Dima Deinega to challenge consumer stereotypes of Vodka, as clearly seen by the outstanding bottle design, this is a Premium Vodka, in fact, it is a Premium Craft Vodka, distilled in Ukraine using the finest three grains, rye, wheat and barley, in distinct contrast to the single grain or potato-based vodkas that are normal sold.

Dima’s critically acclaimed Vodka wants you to try their Vodka, but before you do, throw out any preconceived notion and hopefully re-think how you perceive Vodka.

Dima’s Vodka is listed in restaurants and bars across London, including Sam’s Riverside, Porte Noire, La Trompette and many more.

Dima’s is available to purchase online at www.dimasvodka.com, and at stockists across the UK, including Hedonism Wines, The Spirits Room, and Gerry’s Wine & Spirits.

Global demand for Vodka is projected to rise at a rate of 6.2% over the next six years, this is partly thanks to the rise in Vodka Cocktails and Premium Vodka’s, Dima’s believes that this will be the year of the Craft Vodka, let’s hope they’re correct.

Dima’s Pricing: Dima’s Vodka (70cl), £35.00 / Dima’s Vodka Case (6 X 70cl), £180.00 / Dima’s Vodka Tasting Kit, £25 / Dima’s X The Gibson Bottled Cocktails, £15

Vodka and Pickle Tasting Notes – “At first they work side by side, but then It feels like the vodka makes its way into the pickle and bursts out hidden flavours which were once unknown at the close.”

Oliver Walkey

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