Doing Business From Your Mobile Phone

Recent developments in technology have resulted in the majority of people owning some sort of smartphone. Generally, we focus on how these improvements and high-tech pieces of technology can help to improve our personal lives. We can communicate with our loved ones more easily. We can access up-to-date news at any given time of the day or night. We can take pictures, listen to music, play games, and find our ways from A to B with maps. But there is also an extensive number of ways that improvements in smartphones can help us in our professional lives too. Here are just a few ways that you can now do business from your mobile phone!




Nowadays, more small business owners are engaging in activities such as spread betting and CFD trading for profit. While this can be relatively complex to start with, there are mobile apps out there to help simplify the process for you, which allow you to engage with trading from your mobile phone! They have been developed to include full order ticket functionality and mobile optimised charting at the same time as incorporating over forty technical indicators and drawing tools. Being able to do all of this from your phone means that you can keep an eye on the market on the go rather than being chained to your desktop computer at all times.


Social Media Curation


When it comes to advertising, social media can be your best friend. An increasing number of consumers are creating social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for their personal use and spend hours scrolling through the feeds that are presented to them. Anyone with any experience in advertising is more than aware that you should place your goods wherever consumers are directing their attention on a regular basis. Now, while users’ feeds are generally self-curated (they choose who to follow, what pages to like, and thus the content that will fill the majority of their feed), you can sponsor posts or pay for advertised posts that will appear on explore pages and in potential customers feeds whether they follow your business page or not. Not only does this boost exposure, but it also directly links to your business profiles and thus your website, meaning that people can see an image of something that they want and make their way to complete a purchase within a matter of minutes.


General Organisation


Say goodbye to leaving the entire organisation of your business life in paperback journals. Sure, these might do their job. But you may leave them at home and end up feeling lost without them. It’s extremely rare that you’ll leave your phone at home and not realise it has been left behind until you reach your place of work. All smartphones tend to have calendars where you can organise your meetings, conferences, and deadlines.


These are just a few ways that you can do business from your mobile phone. The possibilities are endless! So, it’s time to start considering your phone a powerful business tool as well as a personal possession.


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