FJP Investment provides the Ultimate Guide to Downsizing your Property

It is something that was certainly not common practice years ago but now seems to be a growing trend amongst older homeowners. They decide to downsize for many reasons, children have all left home, leaving the mum and dad with a larger house than they need and space that is no longer used.

So, although it is quite an emotional decision to sell the family home, it does mean that parents can then use the capital realised from the sale to spend on their later years, on holidays and indeed some, even giving their children their inheritances from the family home whilst the parents are around to see them enjoy it.

But don’t be surprised to know it’s just not the “empty nesters” downsizing, others are making that decision for many reasons, divorce causes downsizing as funds from the property are normally divided if there are no children involved, debt is another reason people downsize, they will clear their debts and get back on the ladder again and then there are others who simply believe that paying out on a large mortgage for 25 years is too much of a burden and wish to live a more easy and comfortable life without the constraints of big monthly outgoings. All of the above are a true reflection of today’s society.

FJP Investment has years of experience in working with individuals whom are downsizing and looking to invest the capital within high yielding property investments.

Consider your downsizing options first though.

If debt which need to be cleared as soon as possible is not your reason for selling, you have the luxury of not having to accept offers that are way below asking price, you are in a strong position as you are in no rush.

If you decide to use an estate agent let them know you are downsizing and they will suggest a strategy for you, it may involve making some minor (or major) improvements to the property but only do this if the agent can be sure it will increase the value.

Downsizing normally means new beginnings for many people, maybe retirement makes you want to sell as quickly as possible so you can break free of the day to day routine you have done for the past say 40 years, if this is the case you can sell to one of the companies that specialise in quick property purchases and within weeks you could be sunning yourself in a new home abroad or taking a motorhome and travelling the world.

Before downsizing make sure you consider it carefully:

There is no going back.

Always take everything into consideration when downsizing, do you need extra room for family staying over, do you need office space or a garden to potter in? Always look at it from all angles as once you do it you cannot go back to your old home it has been sold.


We all accumulate possessions as well as mementos of special times and pieces of furniture that have a special meaning to us, these all have to be taken into consideration when downsizing, no-one wants to be living out of boxes in their new home. So, for whatever reason you are downsizing, make sure it’s the right one.


Downsizing for the next chapter of your life can be exciting but ensure you have taken into account all the costs involved, agent’s fees, surveyor’s fees and removal costs should be included before you start the process.

Do I need all this space?

Don’t belong to the “I wish” brigade, look around your home, your garden, even think about your neighbours, take all this into account when making the decision to downsize. If it’s not for debt reasons, make sure you will not miss the space you have now and certainly not the same neighbours – although some may see that as a bonus.

Sell or donate.

So, if the decision is made – it is time to declutter as you are moving to a smaller property, you can either sell items at auction if they are worthy or local boot sales. There are charity organisations that will take almost anything and use the money for the charity they represent.

Planning ahead and not being sentimental will ensure you have a very good chance of making a great success, if you plan ahead, of your major decision to downsize and start your new life.

FJP Investment is a property investment company sourcing a wide range of investment opportunities both in the UK and overseas.



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