Ecommerce Innovations to Utilise in 2017

Irrelevant of what products ranges, target customers or type of online business you own, your ecommerce company is likely to see a rise in revenue during 2017, as the number of customers shopping on the internet will continue to increase. In fact, analysts have predicted that ecommerce will represent 14.6% of all retail sales by 2020, reaching more than $4 trillion.

However, in order to increase company turnover, you will need to keep up with new ecommerce trends and innovative solutions. Furthermore, as we are at the beginning of 2017, now is the perfect time to implement new strategies for your online business, including:

Smartphone Engagement Will Increase

For the first time in history, 2016 saw the use of tablet and smart phones overtake desktop computers, with mobiles taking the lead in October with a share of 51.3%. This is a trend that is set to continue – with analysts estimating a further growth of anywhere from 40 to 60% by the end of 2017 – and will see more online retailers optimising and streamlining their businesses for use on mobile platforms.

More Payment Choices

2016 saw an increasing number of high street retailers adapting their payment methods, to include contactless cards and digital mobile phone options, as well as more traditional formats. When it comes to internet payments, the most popular options have long been debit and credit cards. However, 2017 will see an increase in the number of ecommerce businesses uptaking non-conventional payment methods.

Quicker Shipping Methods

A large number of e-tailers are now offering expedited next day delivery options through shipping companies such as TNT, as customers expect to receive products within a smaller window. In addition, in 2016, news headlines were filled with Amazon’s trial of drones, promising new and innovative shipping within hours of ordering, that are set to revolutionise the online shopping experience as we know it.

Virtual Reality Shopping

Rather than simply browsing online stores on your mobile via swiping your finger, some ecommerce businesses are choosing to use virtual reality to provide an altogether new and exciting shopping experience. You may soon be able to wear a 3D headset to explore stores, try on virtual outfits in an interactive fitting room, ultimately leading to an increase in sales and a reduction in returns.

While these new ecommerce trends will require funds and training to implement, they will provide benefits for both ecommerce businesses and customers, boosting sales and providing a more satisfactory shopping experience all round.



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