A Happy Workforce Is A Productive Workforce!

It’s been shown time and time again that happier employees are more productive employees. If you want your business to attain its goals and keep growing at a healthy rate, you need to be doing everything you can to make sure your workforce is happy and comfortable at your business. If you’re not seeing as many smiles in the office as you’d like, here are some tips for a happier workforce.

Provide Opportunities

Unless you’re one of the few Zuckerberg-esque geniuses among us, you probably had a few jobs before starting your business. Think of the last one you knew you simply had to get out of. There may have been many different issues getting to you, but I’m sure one major factor was the feeling that you simply weren’t going anywhere by doing your assigned job. Career development is one of the biggest factors that will contribute to how satisfied an employee is in their position. This can come in a variety of forms, from further education and training opportunities to simply dangling a promotion in front of them. This will not only show the employee how much they mean to the business, but also spur them into giving it their all every time they sit at their desk.

Invest in their Wellbeing


Investing in a company wellbeing program can have a range of benefits for the business. It’s been shown time and time again that healthier employees are more likely to work hard, and set a better example to their peers. Furthermore, the endorphins released during exercise can improve the mood of your employees, leading to greater overall workplace morale. More and more businesses are going out of their way to provide their workers with opportunities for healthy living, such as discounted gym memberships, regular deliveries of fresh fruit, and even investing in critical incident management services for better psychological wellbeing. Some have even gone as far as providing their workers with treadmill desks so they can work and get some exercise in at the same time! However you go about it, doing something to improve your employees’ physical and psychological wellbeing will work wonders for how they feel in the office.

Quit Micromanaging. Now!

Unless you’ve taken on a teenager for their work experience placement, micromanaging is never a good thing. Having said that, I do understand why many business owners do it. You started your business in the first place because you wanted to have more control over your professional life, and to run every little aspect of a company just the way you like it. Sometimes, this will conflict with the way your employees like to get things done. However, if you’re constantly looking over your employees’ shoulders, you’ll only make it harder for them to work on their key skills and achieve their potential. Professionals will respond best when they’re given a certain degree of freedom over the tasks they’re asked to carry out. This will give them greater confidence in their abilities, and ultimately make them much more comfortable in their jobs.


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