Eight Ideas For Office Refurbishment

An office refurbishment is about more than just the practical stuff, like storing the furniture and hiring a contractor. You also need a good plan in place for what you want to do. Are you trying to make the office a nicer place to be for your employees? What changes could be made to achieve this?


  1. Start with a deep clean. Give everything a full scrub down so the office is fresh. Hire a Steamaster to give the carpets a good clean, as office carpets take quite a battering from a lot of feet walking over them. 
  2. Add color. Offices are often left very plain, with stark white walls. If you’re sitting looking at a white wall all day, this isn’t exactly inspiring for your team. Add some fun and personality with some color. You could paint one wall a bright shade, or bring in some color with the furniture, like colorful sofas for the break room, or brighter office chairs. Colorful artwork on the walls is also a great way to add some character to the space.
  3. Allow staff to add some personal touches. Some offices have strict rules about what can go on desks, but allowing your team to add some personal touches to their work spaces can help them to feel more motivated and at home in the office. Personal pictures and other decorations make the office look a lot more cheerful. 
  4. Add more lighting. It’s important that your office is properly lit, as using computers in poor lighting can lead to eye strain. Bright lighting can also help staff to feel more alert during the work day, improving focus and concentration. If you’re refurbishing, add some more overhead lighting, and let staff add lamps to their desk to create warmer light. 
  5. Add in some flexible partitions. Many offices have to work for a lot of functions, from small team meetings to large meetings with stakeholders. Flexible office partitioning that can be moved around allows you to adjust your meeting spaces according to what is needed. If your office is small, glass partitions are a great option as they divide space while still allowing light through to create a feel of more space. 
  6. Add greenery. Plants add some color to an office, and put oxygen back into the room, helping your staff to concentrate better. Plants can be arranged in displays, or just add some potted plants to the corners of the room to bring in some green. 
  7. Create different spaces. Think about the kind of work you want to promote, and set up spaces that encourage that. Put out high tables for quick stand-up meetings, or sofas for relaxed collaboration. Create private booths for phone meetings or quiet solo work. For desk based working, make sure your setup is ergonomic for staff comfort. 
  8. Consult your staff. Your staff are the ones who are going to work in the space, so you should ask them what they need or want from the office that they aren’t getting already. 


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