Pay Per Click For Building Brand Awareness

Have you considered pay per click for your business? Whether you have or haven’t (and are planning to) invest in PPC advertising, there are a number of reasons why you should sooner rather than later. From the opportunity to utilise location targeting, to the ability to track your reputation online, we’re taking a look at some of the top benefits of integrating pay per click Essex into your marketing strategy, below.

Use Location Targeting

One of the best things about PPC is that you can optimise your advertisements exposure by directly targeting your audience through location targeting. Not only does this add an element of personalisation to your campaign, but you can rest assured that the audience you are targeting are relevant to your business and live close by if necessary.

Track Your Reputation

It’s all well and good building your brand awareness, but you also need to track your reputation. Through your PPC campaigns, you can keep a close eye on SQR, otherwise known as search query reports. By monitoring these reports, you can track negative trends that, depending on your business and industry, may fluctuate at certain times. This information can then be shared with the relevant teams to construct a strategy to keep these reviews at bay.

Make Your Brand Standout

PPC can help you to differentiate your brand against your competitors, giving you the opportunity to increase trust before a user even visits your website or clicks on your ad. It gives you the chance to show off your creativity, your message, your achievements and your future plans for a small fee. With all this information on show, this is your chance to provide something to users which your competitors aren’t.


Once you have found the message that you would like to promote, this is the perfect time to build further awareness of your brand and boost engagement. Further engagement can be achieved through the utilisation of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram which also enable you to drive people to your website or landing page based on their buyer behaviour, interests and websites they have visited before.

Split Test Your Ads

Whilst not directly linked to building brand awareness, PPC enables you to split test your ads to identify what content converts the best. You can update your ad copy at any time, so when building your strategy, you should consider how you can utilise the different seasons. This is particularly important for ecommerce brands who may offer an additional service or products around the festive period. Think carefully about how you can further promote you own brand around this time.

You may have already invested in SEO, but now is the time to invest in PPC and even organic and paid social media strategies if you haven’t already. How do you plan to prepare your business for 2020?


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