Engage on Twitter don’t disengage

Is Twitter getting you down? Do you feel it’s harder than you thought to engage on Twitter?

Should you throw in the towel and disengage from twitter telling everyone who will listen it’s a complete waste of time?

Leadamo considers how small businesses should  engage on Twitter every day


Business people are busy. Small business people often feel they are more pressurised. You may have reluctantly jumped on the ‘engage on twitter or else’ bandwagon under duress. You may have even grudgingly tweeted and scheduled tweets. Then 8 weeks down the road realise that nothing much has happened. If this sounds like you and you are tempted to disengage from twitter then read on.


 Engage on Twitter more effectively 5 easy solutions


Point 1 Do not abandon your twitter or social media profiles

You may feel like no one is responding to your posts but if you stop engaging no twitter or posting full stop then there is definitely nothing to see. Bear in mind that people may be subconsciously seeing your name on their feed. They may not interact right now but they might engage with you on twitter in the future. If you abandon your twitter account now then all the investment you have already made will have been lost. As experts have said ‘ social media is a marathon not a sprint.’


Point 2 Social media is about having the profile in place for when customers want to engage on Twitter with you


People hate interruption advertising. Personally when I see a banner the minute I click onto a website I want to click away. It’s like going into a shop and not being allowed to browse without a pushy salesperson breathing down my neck. The perfect compromise is staff ready to help me when I need another size, colour or specific design. If no one comes to my aid I will leave the shop. Social media is a little like this. You need to be all spruced up for when people want to engage. If you abandon your twitter account now then you will never be ready. People get used to seeing your name every day and strangely we start expecting to see certain names. We are all creatures of habit after all.

Point 3 Have you reviewed what you have posted on twitter in the last month or so?

Do you ever look back at what tweets have done well? Can you see any  pattern at all? Does posting at different times of the day work? Have you been engaging enough? Have you been favouriting and retweeting enough? Have you reached out to other users in your niche and engaged in conversation? Have you been broadcasting too much and saying’ Look, look, look at me everyone!’? Review what you have done as much information and pointers for the future can come from this.


Point 4 Have you got a strong and authentic message?

The mistake is to tweet when you have nothing to say. No one will respond if tweets aren’t genuine or engaging. Authentic voices are what drive conversations on twitter and other social media platforms. So if you are a little short on original ideas then why not think about sharing interesting, weird, intriguing or newsworthy stories. These can be based around your niche and may well prompt people to engage on Twitter. After all, this all contributes to a sense of what you or your company does, what you stand for or believe in. We all want to see some personality from brands, products and services.


Point 5 Find ways to work more effectively. More effort or brute force doesn’t always solve a problem.

Consider asking for help. There are social media consultants who will audit your output and suggest ideas. This can be achieved  quickly, economically and effectively on a Skype call. This can renew your resolve and give new ideas. Or you can use a platform such as Leadamo that will prompt you when to tweet, what effect your tweets are having and what type of tweet you should use. Check out what Leadamo can do for you right here and make it your aim to engage on twitter rather than disengage.

What different ways do you find foolproof when developing conversations and promoting engagement on twitter?


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