Estate Agents: Time to engage with blogging and social media.

Estate Agents: Time to engage.

If you are an Estate Agent of any standing the likelihood is that you advertise on either Rightmove or Zoopla. Joining these vast databases is a way of getting your property seen, in a way that a ‘For Sale’ sign never could. But when you share the market place with so many competitors, is it actually a good way to guarantee a sale, or does it prevent your property and agency from standing out?

The buyers who use these websites are those who care about the property first and the agent second. For sellers the opposite is true and reputation will play a huge part in who they choose to trust their home with. Just throwing the property on the internet isn’t enough anymore. Sellers want guarantees from you that their price will be met.

On a basic level people still buy from people. It is all well and good staring at a picture on a screen but there is something fundamental to any business, big or small, about speaking directly to someone who you trust and who appears to have your best interests at heart.

There are two very simple but highly effective ways of doing this. The first is blogging. Whether you market it as blog, news or article, it offers consistent and engaging material to the public and is an incredible way of swaying minds. Try a combination of hints and tips on how best to present your home and weekly news stories that mean something to the residents of your town. To be seen as an authority in any industry leads to sales, so as an Estate Agent, to be seen to know your patch inside and out will send you well on your way to persuading sellers.

The second is through social media. Providing your company with a voice is vital to maintaining relationships. If people believe they are hearing from the real you and not some faceless corporation, they will feel at ease, interact and ultimately want to speak with you when the time comes to sell their home. It gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge by distributing your blogs and send out pictures of your properties that will go directly to people’s accounts wherever they are. Social media is HUGE and still growing. You should be a part of that.

So don’t be the kind of Estate Agent that uses Rightmove and Zoopla as their only marketing plan, because that isn’t going to work any longer. People buy from people. At Copy Create we work closely with businesses to craft their brand and image into a voice. Once we have done this we can provide you with blogs and news stories that reflect your business, saving you time and engaging you with clients. Market Me provides the same for social media, with both highly professional services to combine with traditional methods, not replace them.

So there really is no excuse to be left behind. Either create your own voice or let us do it for you. Just don’t sit back and hope that people will still come directly to you.


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