Everything You Need For A Tip-Top Brand Ambassador Program

So, your company has got legions of loyal fans and customers. Do you ever wish that you could utilize all of this people power to spread the word about your business and products far and wide? Well, these days you can do just that! You just need to start your very own brand ambassador program. You can then handpick your loyalest and most influential followers to start promoting your products for you on social media.


Completely new to the world of the brand ambassador? No worries; these great tips can help you get your new program off the ground.




Get The Right Employees Monitoring The Program


Once you have started a brand ambassador program, you will need to put some of your employees in charge of it. If you don’t have anyone suitable for this kind of role just yet, you should use a headhunter firm like http://www.eagleheadhunters.co.uk/executive-headhunter/ to hire you some of the best people for the job. Ideally, you need a team of executives who have plenty of managerial experience, customer relation skills, and an in depth knowledge of the world of social media.


Set Expectations Early On


Your new program should have clear guidelines for everyone involved. This way, all of your ambassadors know exactly what you expect from them, and there is no way that they can underperform or carry out anything that isn’t expected of your ambassadors. But these guidelines shouldn’t come across as rules and regulations. Otherwise, you will find that no one wants to join the program! So keep them relaxed and lighthearted, but always make sure that your expectations clearly come through in them.




Don’t Put Words Into The Ambassadors’ Mouths


When it comes to your ambassadors spreading the word about your company and products, it’s perfectly fine to give them some ideas and inspiration about what they should say. However, that doesn’t mean that you should write scripts for them. If you do, then the things they say on social media will not look sincere, and it will be easy for others to tell that their messages are scripted. And that won’t do any good in improving the loyalty and trust between your company and its customers.


Reward Great Work


Your ambassadors won’t be taking part in this program out of the goodness of their heart’s, so it’s really important that you have some good rewards in place. These can be used to reward good work, and they can also motivate all of your employees to continue all of their hard work in promoting your brand. If you are using some of your employees as brand ambassadors, then you could offer them bonuses and benefits like http://www.unum.co.uk/employee-benefits each month. If you are using members of the public, you can always offer them discounts on your products and services.


You will find that your company can really benefit from a brand ambassador program. If you’re now interested, these tips can help you set yours up in no time at all!


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