Famous Celebrities Who Love Bingo Games

Ah, Bingo, probably the most innocent casino game that one can play in the 21st Century, enjoyed by everyone from OAPs to school-children, stay at home mothers to big burly football thugs. That’s right – literally everybody loves playing Bingo, and you would do well to find a part of society that isn’t completely bananas for the intoxicatingly fun game. Especially now with the power of the internet, everyone has access to play and learn more now on these online casinos.

And it’s not just us normies that love a bit of Bingo, there are countless famous celebrities who absolutely love trying their luck at the activity, often with rather beneficial results. Oh yes, you better believe it, there are several high profile celebrities who just cannot get enough of the Bingo experience, read on for a little breakdown. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones

You may know Catherine Zeta-Jones best by her spellbinding performances in box office smash hit motion pictures such as Zorro, Spy Kids or Ocean’s Twelve, but do not be surprised if you run into the beautiful Welsh actress whilst playing a spot of Bingo, because she is reportedly a huge fan of the activity. 

Like most passions in life Catherine Zeta-Jones’ love of Bingo comes from her childhood in which she was a heavy player of the game. Her parents also allegedly won £100,000 on a Bingo game once, enabling them to send their daughter to dance and ballet school, something that must have been a huge help for her subsequent performing career. 

Kate Moss 

Kate Moss was a quintessential wild child during the 1990s, well known for her love of partying with a range of famous musicians and DJs. However, after her divorce from Jamie Hince it seems the legendary super-model decided she needed to calm down a bit, subsequently finding Bingo as a lovely alternative. 

These days Kate Moss still loves to play the game, reportedly organising weekly family Bingo nights with her good friend Sadie Frost. So there you have it – even beautiful super models love to play Bingo! 

Cristiano Ronaldo 

You may have thought that a footballer so hugely successful and rich as Cristiano Ronaldo might enjoy casino games such as Poker or Roulette more, but in actuality he is a true sucker for a lovely spot of Bingo. Funny isn’t it – imagine seeing the several time Balon d’Or winner at your local Bingo establishment! 

There is a rational story to this seemingly odd fixation, however. When a young Cristiano Ronaldo first moved to Manchester United his grasp on the English language wasn’t exactly great, so manager Sir Alex Ferguson bought him a Bingo DVD that subsequently improved his fluency and instilled a life long love for the game. Who knew! 

Russell Crowe 

The star of one of the best films to come out of Hollywood for quite some time – Gladiator – used to be a bingo caller in his early life in New Zealand. Hilariously he got fired from his post for making up too many rude names, however it seems his love of the game has endured, as he can be spotted in Bingo halls from time to time.


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