Find the right customers on social media.

Can you find the right customers on social media?

Anyone taking the reins of a company will often do little in the first few weeks but just watch and evaluate. It’s worth asking questions, finding out how people do their job, how they feel and what their suggestions are for improvement. Using corporate knowledge can be a useful exercise and it’s the same on social media. Do this carefully to find the right customers on social media.

When we open an account the temptation is to gather as many followers as possible, tweet like mad and? Well, and what? You have a load of followers who have nothing to do with your business. You are swamped with messages that do not pertain to your niche and it’s all rather a waste of time and effort. It certainly isn’t the way to find the right customers on social media.

So if you are looking to find the right customers on social media what do you need to know?

Leadamo Academy’s  10 Quick  Tips to consider to improve engagement.

  1. Firstly you must understand, identify and engage potential buyers.
  2. Spend some time finding people in your niche. Take a look at suggestions similar to, for example. Do take care not to follow too many as you may have your account suspended
  3. Make use of pertinent keywords that match your industry, brand, service, consider key phrases too and also keep your eye on trends.
  4. Follow your competitors and see who they are following. That often yields very interesting results and often you can learn much from articles and links posted that will help generally. It becomes an up to the minute resource. By using Leadamo’s lead discovery and management feature takes the hassle out of finding what your competition is up to.
  5.  In your mind it’s worth considering who your ideal customer might be. Another phrase of course, is target audience.
  6. 6. Consider how you can aim for ‘top of the mind’ presence aimed at people who are always on the move without producing annoying messages.
  7. By targeting your audience carefully you will be able to ascertain demand more accurately, improve the relevance of your message, it will be more effective and ultimately save time and therefore be cost-effective. Social media might be free but have you added up how much your time costs managing it? A smart management solution can change all that.
  8. By targeting your message suddenly it increase its relevance because it is appropriate and that makes a massive difference immediately. What’s the point of spending time marketing to people who don’t care about who, what or why you are.
  9. Avoid the hit and miss or blanket bombing approach. Don’t jump on the latest bandwagon unless it suits your brand or message.
  10. By using a social media management tool you can make progress in a targeted, manageable and effective manner without having to spend hours of your precious time in the process.


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