Forget social media… How many middle aged 50 to 60 year old males know of it?

There is no point in doing a blog if it isn’t going to get you more business (ie more landlords trusting you with their property to let out).

You want more business and you you want it fast

On my travels, I have seen many blogs that look nice but dint get a sausage in new business, all the way through to others that on their own bring in 80 to 90 new properties per year .. solely down to the blog.

The problem with blogs is three fold …

* Problem No.1 how the hell do you make people aware (and here’s the important bit – the right people ie landlords) of the blog .. and
* Problem No.2 … once they have found your blog, how do you make them keep coming back? and finally,
* Problem No. 3 how do you convert those visits into making them contact you to give you their business.

Well, here are the solutions …

* Solution to No.1 … get all the email addresses and home addresses of every landlord in your patch PLUS all the email address of all the movers and shakers in your town who come into contact with those landlords on a daily basis …. forget social media .. how many middle aged 50 to 60 year old males who are middle management or run their own company (typical profile of a landlord) even know what Twitter is, their kids use Facebook and yes they might have a Linkedin account but only log every two months and ignore friend requests from people they don’t know. Once you have those 2000 / 3000 / 5000 postal and email addresses .. send out a Property Newsletter with links back to your blog. It has been proved it has worked many times.

* Solution to No.2 .. write something interesting on the local property market once a week (30 minute job) and on a daily basis, spend 8 minutes a day doing something else which will have every landlord hanging on every post (again all proved tried and tested)

* Solution to No. 3 .. make them want to pick up the phone to you for your advice on the two most important things to a landlord … how is my existing portfolio doing and where is the next BTL property I want to buy

I have seen people do this, one letting agent grow his annual turnover by £170,000 in two years and another agent who is earlier in the process get 23 new rental listings in one month.

This stuff works .. it takes time and patience but its been proved time and time again to work. You dont even need to pay me to do it .. just read my blog and do what I suggest. It isn’t voodoo magic. All it is is grabbing the attention of your local landlords, get and build their interest in what you are saying and eventually they will decide to come and talk to you …. and every letting agent tells me, just get a landlord sat in front of me and I will convert them .. so what are you waiting for?


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