Forward Things Marketing Trends For 2020 & Beyond

If you want your marketing strategy to be as effective as possible, then you need to stay abreast of the trends. Of course, this is sometimes easier said than done, because things move so quickly in the world of online marketing. Luckily you can get ahead of the game by checking out the predicted trends in the pipeline for next year, below.

Voice search

With the advent of Siri and Alexa, as well as home hubs in many people’s properties, voice search is set to be a big thing in 2020. In fact, it’s not just these devices that are voice-enabled but games consoles, desktop computers, smart TVs, and the streaming service they run as well.

What this means is that many people will be entirely at home using their voice to instigate a search for both products and content. Something that online markets can definitely use to their advantage.

In fact, as the document at suggests offering voice-enabled searches for their products isn’t just a matter of convenience. Instead, it can reduce the delay between the perception of need and the purchase of their products. Something that, in turn, can help to prevent customer attrition and help to convert as many potential sales into actual ones as possible.

After all, if you are in the middle of cleaning the kitchen floor and run out of a specific product you need. You may forget all about it and then end up purchasing an alternative brand once you get to the store. However, if you are in the same situation and can search and order such as product just by talking, you can carry on with the job in hand. While still purchasing the item you need without breaking the flow of what you are doing. This being something useful for the customer, as it can help them stay on top of their running their home.

Shoppable posts

We are starting to see these pop up already, but in 2020 shoppable posts will be commonplace. What this means is instead of having to go to a bio or tags as you do with the examples at to get the details of the products you like, you will be able to interact with the images in the posts directly.

Now, you may not think this is that big a change. However, just like voice search mentioned above, it creates a much more direct experience for the consumer. The reason being that it compressed the desire for the product and the opportunity to buy it.

Obviously, this is excellent news for marketers because the quicker they can get a potential customer to a sales page, the more likely they are to go through with their purchase. This being because the emotional need for it is still active. In other words, strategies like shoppable posts remove the potential of the customer to question their buying decision. Something that should help to result in a much higher sales conversion rate.


While some personalisation is starting to appear in the online marketing arena, an increased level of personal specification of marketing can be expected in 2020. In fact, markers will have the opportunity to take things further by, for example displaying customised products with the names of the person looking at them without being promoted.

Alternatively, the use of tailored landing pages, content, or even just the musical accompaniment to a particular demographic is likely to be seen as well. Something that can make similar materials much more effective to the audience they are targeting.

Of course, for personalisation to work, you need to design it around strong UX and UI principle and run it through Stringent QA testing before it gets anywhere near the client. Happily, this is something that IT specialists like the ones at can help your business to do. Therefore ensuring that any efforts towards personalisation in marketing reap the most rewards when put into practice.

SERP Positioning and position zero

Finally, do not forget that in 2020 SERP position will still be as vital as it is in 2019. Indeed, the focus is likely to continue to be on the zero position that is active now.

After all, getting your product, website, brand, or content above all other competitors in the SEO results is what gives your business the edge. With that in mind, be sure to use effective SEO tools that are at your disposal, such as long-tail keyword anchors, and off-page martin techniques. In fact, by doing this, you can definitely stay ahead of the online trends when it comes to marketing in 2020.


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