Product Launch Ideas To Kick Start A New Product

For any business, it’s important to refresh your product line from time to time. As this article from Industry Forum explores, a new product is an essential line of profit. If you’ve created something new, you need to shout about it. Here are some top ideas for a product launch that will kick start any new product line.

Focus On People
Your new product might be amazing, but a successful launch needs to focus on more than just the great features of your new creation. Instead, focus on why your customer wants it. How will it benefit them? Does it make a task easier? How can it be used in daily life? The customer should be the centre of your campaign.

Tease Your Launch On Social Media
If you’re planning a product launch, you know that the whole point is to attract as much attention as possible. Usually, you want to do this without spending your entire marketing budgeting. Social media is a great way to do this. Start teasing the launch on Facebook and Twitter. Let your followers know that something big is coming. Drop teasers about the product, so there’s some interest already on the go when you’re ready to launch.

Start the teaser campaign about a month before launch date, which gives you enough time to create some buzz. Post updates and image to create curiosity. To make this easier, schedule all your posts in advance to keep the interest going.

Create Videos
Video might take longer to produce than text posts, but for that reason, they also have a much bigger impact. For an effective product launch, create some short videos to showcase some of the top features of the product. Film demonstrations on how to use it, that show how the new product will improve the lives of your customers.

Use Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing can be a cost effective way to make a big splash with a new product. Influencers have built trust and credibility with their online following, making them a great choice for helping you launch your product. An influencer can talk about your launch, review the product or share offer codes with their followers.

Make sure to choose influencers who fit well with your brand. Ask for media kits to see a breakdown of audience to find someone who fits well with your target audience. Remember too, that it’s not about followers. An influencer with 3000 followers might look great, but an influencer with a smaller following of more engaged followers is more likely to drive sales.

Take Pre-Orders
Many businesses can overlook taking pre-orders as part of a launch. However, this can be a missed opportunity. If you already have a base of loyal customers who love your products, chances are they will be interested in a new product from you, and would buy at release.

As soon as you’ve decided on a final price, give your loyal customers the option to pre-order, and guarantee some of those all important first day sales.


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