Four typical Mistakes made of Social Media.

Mistakes are normal in any business development scene, but the important factor to succeed with your business is to learn from them! Enough with the business coaching from us and back towards Social Media management mistakes that you need to be aware of.

Social Media is a relatively new marketing avenue for business, with it being such a recent addition then mistakes are more likely to occur. What is important to realise when doing social media is that it needs to convey the voice of your organisation and needs to be unique to you, learn from other social media users, but make sure you offer out content which builds you a personality which other users want to embrace.

Social Media Mistakes which people and businesses are making:

  • Lacking a presence. This may sound a basic mistake to make, but still most companies lack either any presence or if they have established their identity on social media they are relatively inactive and certainly not enough to encourage an active following nor interactions. You business will need to have researched social media, where your target audience is active and when best to be updating your social platforms to engage them.
  • Poor customer care plan. Social Media is here and if you are not present then you can not control if and how your business is spoken about. If you are on social media then you need to think about present and potential clients. Make sure that part of your active social research includes communicating with your clients and dealing with, in a suitable manner, any feedback, complaints and recommendations.
  • Unprofessional Response. It is important to act on any feedback received on social media to the same degree of professionalism as you would letters, emails or telephone calls of complaint. It pays to be active on social media so that when any feedback is received you are able to deal with delivering a response as quickly as possible. It may also pay to receive social media training on how to handle any legal / complaint issues on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Disaster Plans. It pays to have a plan of action for any business disaster that your business may encounter. Imagine that you have received negative press or have featured in a TV documentary portraying negative light on your business, this news could spread like lightening across social media and build momentum unless you have some control over the situation. Make sure you have a disaster plan for your business that includes being active on social media and dealing with any bad light that is directed on to your business.



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