Fun Ways To Market Your Business

Marketing can be a drag at the best of times. Unfortunately, though, it is crucial to any business. Without it, you will find that the growth of your company slows down to a halt. So how do you liven up your company’s various marketing campaigns? By adding some fun into them of course! Here are some of our favorite fun ways to market a business. Hopefully, you’ll find one to suit your company!

Host Open Days

If you are trying to market your business to new job applicants, the best way to do this is by hosting an open day. Let the public come and take a look around your offices to see exactly what you get up to every day. Office Fit Out ideas can really boost productivity, and they can also transform the look of your company. Think about going with a contemporary decor to impress young applicants. Don’t forget to also supply some light finger food and drinks during the day, so none of the guests get too hungry!

Use Facebook

Social media marketing goes hand in hand with fun marketing. After all, you will get the chance to interact with your followers and have the opportunity to post intriguing and shareable content. Running a Facebook contest will not only help you widen your reach on the site, but it can also quickly increase your fan base.

Flyers In Unusual Places

Online marketing is becoming increasingly important each year. But it is important not to forget about traditional forms of marketing such as flyers and posters. People were sending out flyers long before Facebook was invented and I’m sure they will continue to do so once we are all bored with social media! But you should try and go one step further than simply flyering. Think about leaving all your printed material in unusual places. You know those do not disturb signs that you hang on the knob of hotel doors? Well, why not borrow that design and print some flyers that you can hang on household doors. Potential customers won’t be able to miss this quirky method of flyering!


Merchandise is a cool way of getting members of the public to advertise your business without even knowing it! One of the best types of merchandise is t-shirts. Design a load of t-shirts and get them made. Then you can sell them on your website and at open days. Not only will this help you make some money, but you’ll also be spreading your company name. Other fun merchandising options include mouse mats, mugs, and stress-reliever balls.

Publicity Stunt

Want to make a big impact? Nothing will do this more than a publicity stunt! Why don’t all your employees try to break a world record? That way, the local press will come around, and you’ll get in the papers for free! You could even go all-out and organize a flash mob in your local shopping center. Whatever you do, try and make sure it’s got the wow factor, so it won’t be quickly forgotten!



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