Going Above and Beyond in Retail Customer Service – What Your Business Can Do

If you run a retail business, you’ll know that customers sometimes be very hard to please. That’s why you have to make sure your customer service is absolutely on the money.

This post takes a look at some of the ways you can improve your customer service, getting that all important satisfaction from loyal shoppers.

Train Your Floor Staff

Your floor staff are the front line representatives of your business, and they need to show your business off in its best possible light. Training exercises and leading by example are great to bring out the talent in your workforce, and working as a team is how you implement them.

Ask them to think of how they’ve been treated as a customer – good and bad examples – and talk about how they should practice treating the customer as they’d like to be treated.

Surprise and Delight your Customers

The little things go a long way in customer service, and can even tip the balance between getting a bad customer review and an overwhelmingly positive one.

For instance, if a customer asks for an item that is out of stock, but you have a reserve online or in a warehouse, offer to courier the item directly to them with a fast business service like those at TNT. This move is your business going above and beyond to keep a customer happy – they may sing your praises on social media, or they may not, but they will be back.

Membership Club Bonuses

Offering your most loyal customers rewards for their fidelity to your brand will be that cherry on the top to keep them loving what you do and what you represent.

Sending exclusive offers and discounts as well as sneak peeks of new collections are just the things that your customers want to get from a members’ club, and really be an incentive for new members to sign up and stay in the loop with your brand.

Dealing with Complaints

No matter how well you run your retail business, and how excellent your standards of customer care are, you’re bound to get complaints for something or other. Turn a negative into a positive, and deal with the customer like you’d like to be treated.

If a customer is outright wrong (it does happen!) break it to them gently, carefully and politely, offering a solution to their problem, rather than merely proving them wrong will leave a bad taste in their mouth.

These are just a few simple examples of how you can create the best customer experience for your retail brand; the key with all of them is to keep the customer feeling valued and listened to.



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