6 Steps To Launch Party Success

We’ve covered plenty of startup launch parties in the past here at Serious Startups. But what if you want to have your own little – or enormous – bash when your product or service is ready to rock? There are a few guidelines you will need to follow, so read on to find out more on finding launch party success for your startup.




Make sure that your launch party plans tie in with the release date. You don’t want to force your hand if your product or service isn’t fit for public consumption! You also need to start planning well in advance so that you can start spreading the word. There’s a tricky balance to strike with timing, but it is essential that you find it.




Your first step here is to find the perfect venue. Consider the number of guests you are inviting and find something suitable. You don’t want it too big – but hiring a small hut when lots of guests turn up can be disastrous. Make sure you book guest speakers, DJs, entertainment and catering long before the big day. It’s the same for equipment hire and decor – you will need it to build the perfect setting for your launch.


Get the word out


There are several types of people that are essential to the success of your launch party. First of all, there are the key industry individuals who are leaders in their field. Then, there are the industry journalists – a good word from them will bring you massive amounts of business. Finally, don’t forget about your local community. Invite business leaders from other industries, as well as local bloggers. They can all have a significant impact on making your launch party a success.


Keep the guests there


The longer your guests are in attendance, the more successful your big night will appear. Try investing in a killer prize and hand out free raffle tickets at the start of the evening. Make sure that all staff members understand the flow of the evening, and where they need to be. It is also helpful to draw up a program of events. It is critical to keep the guests entertained up until the big reveal – so make sure plenty is going on.


Be the life and soul


As the business owner and host, it is up to you to set the standards of friendliness and warmth. You might be feeling under pressure, but a launch party is no time to show it. Tattoo a smile on your face if you have to – and be prepared for a flood of people wanting to talk to you. If you are enjoyable to be around, people will be much more likely to give you credit.


Finish on a high


The trouble with parties is that they sometimes go on for far too long. Don’t let it happen at your launch, or you run the risk of disaster. All that alcohol and loud music will, inevitably, prove a troublesome mix. End things on a high when everyone is happy, and they will remember your event with fondness, rather than regret.





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