Great Apps for Launching a New Business

Finding steady, long-term employment is becoming an increasingly abstract concept for many graduates. Fresh out of college or even high school, young people find themselves in an overcrowded arena, competing for jobs with literally hundreds of other candidates. A few years ago, I was in a similar position. It all seemed hopeless. Surprisingly enough, starting my own business appeared a lot easier. But how would I do that? I had zero experience and no organizational skills whatsoever. It was a crazy idea. Or was it?

Get organized & never forget an important task

I decided to take the plunge. It had to be better than sending my application to countless companies and failing interviews one after the other. I knew my knowledge was not useless. I knew I was good enough. My dream was to own a web design agency anyway. So why not start now? Organizing my resources wasn’t too difficult. I just had to team up with two other friends, rent a small office downtown, and get going. Still, as I was never the most focused of students, I knew that staying on track would be the bane of my existence. That’s why I also made an effort to organize my time and really put in the hours of work into my project. You can manage your entire staff from this app, find out more here.

Take care of money & keep your book in check

I finally set up my little firm and, at a very tender age, became my own boss. I was working with friends, and things weren’t too bad. Money was perhaps the biggest issue – none of us had any. We had to be very frugal in order to stay afloat before bigger commissions started rolling in. Taking care of finance can be extremely tricky, especially when you count in the taxman. I definitely did not want problems of that kind. Over the course of a few months, I taught myself the basics of accounting – just so I would always be aware of what was going on. Invoices, expenses, deductibles, and all other transactions had to be under control at all times. It was the only way to keep moving forward.

Promote your business without breaking the bank

Once you start running your own business, you will soon realize that customers don’t exactly come flocking unless you get the word out. Marketing tends to be rather expensive so we took a DIY approach to that too – making sure that we became visible not only in our local community but well beyond it. Clients from the other side of the country? Why not? A steady stream of work from a company across the globe, in Australia? Of course. We made sure to establish a strong online presence. We did not shy away from using any kind of help to push through. These apps were a great boost to our marketing as well as a few other aspects of our business.

Apps for Running a New Business

As a small startup, it took a while for the ball to get rolling. At this point, I can honestly say that we are doing pretty ok. I wouldn’t trade this for the world.


Joining the rigid structure of the corporate world can be intimidating, not to mention difficult. Starting your own business from scratch is something to consider, especially if you have a good idea. I took the risk. I had to keep myself in check, get organized, and take care of my own money but, ultimately, I finished the first year without sinking. Promoting my services was essential but, with the help of a few online resources, I definitely managed to get the hang of it. As long as you are cautious and realistic yet driven, you can give it a go too. It could be worth the effort.


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