Great North Pie Company

The story of the Great North Pie Company began in a humble kitchen, just a few years ago. They sold their pies at local farmers markets.

They make their pies so delicious in parts thanks to their all butter pastry recipe that they use, giving us a wonderful flavour combo, with the fillings, they purchase truly the best quality of ingredients from producers all around the North West of England, helping also to promote their wonderful ingredients along the way.

They started with the ‘Classic Pie’ recipe and build their way onwards from there, creating new variations, and different versions as well as keeping to their much-loved favourites, their menu is constantly updating, so there’s always a reason to return when craving a new pie.

I love this saying that they use ‘We have no plans to be the biggest pie company in the world, just one of the best’, that tells you a lot about the level of quality that they thrive to achieve with every pie.

They’ve won many awards with their pies, in 2015 they were awarded the title of ‘Best Pie In Britain’ as well as ‘Small Producer of the Year’.

After tasting 4 of their pies, their 14 Hour Braised Beef & Ale, Roast Chicken, Classic Lancashire Cheese & Onion and Daal Gobi, the only thing I can say is “wow”, it’s not often that you get that personally homemade feel from tasting something from a company, they offer outstanding pies, that rise far above anything you could buy in a Supermarket.

You can try one of their many pies delicious by ordering directly from their website, the Great North Pie Company.

Oliver Walkey

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