Greater engagement on Twitter in 5 ways.

1. Social listening will change your twitter world.

Today someone tweeted:

Haven’t blatantly promoted my book for a while so here is the link.’

Consider this, would you click that link? How do you feel about a tweet such as this? Will it lead to greater engagement for that author? To directly promote we suggest what you do has to be really worthy. Is your tweet quirky, exciting, humorous, mind-blowing or provocative? No? Then leave the self serving stuff at the bottom of the drawer. There are other places to use it. Instead have a look at what other people are saying. Imagine how you might help them. For example someone has tweeted about a crime fiction thriller they’ve just enjoyed. You are an author. You ask them have you read a famous crime fiction title and perhaps engage in conversation about that genre. This will spark curiosity and then the conversationalist might check out your profile. Guess what it says: author of new crime fiction title: I killed her!’ Suddenly your conversation has real resonance and there is a reason to click on a link to your book. Over marketing is just old hat, inappropriate and a sure way to ensure an unfollow and a lack of greater engagement on twitter.

2. Make tweets brief. Being a writer I love to vent my spleen. I am in danger of writing too much. It makes me laugh that 140 characters is now deemed too long! You can shorten links too using Buffer for is another.  Get into the habit of re-reading your tweet before you send. Can a tense change shave off some letters? Can you be more succinct?  Look at this example:

 ‘I have been sorting out my accounts all morning and think I need an accountant. Can anyone help?

97 characters with spaces. How about this?

Accounts driving me crazy. I need an accountant right now!

See the immediacy. Suddenly it’s a cry for help and interesting ‘I need a…’ is a strong search phrase on twitter so anyone checking will find you. 125 characters is the aim (I AM trying!) and stops your tweets getting lost in the feed. Shorter tweets do create more engagement on twitter surprisingly.

3. If you want to reply to someone but still want it to be public make sure you add a word before their twitter handle eg @supposeiam. If you begin your tweet @supposeiam only that person (which will be me in this instance) will receive it. If you begin with a full stop on the other hand your tweet will be viewed as a separate tweet and so will be seen by everyone not just the people in a conversation. You want greater engagement on twitter not exclusivity!

4  A picture’ will get instant attention.  If you haven’t started using pics on twitter then what are you waiting for? Use twitpic or use Twitterrific to your smart phone on the app store and post away even when you are out and about

5. If you are using Hoot suite or just signed up to the Leadamo app you will know when someone has unfollowed you. Sometimes it’s personal, sometimes, well, it’s how the cookie crumbles. If you get mass unfollows start worrying. Qwitter is something that will tell you when someone unfollows and even to a certain extent, why. Yes, really. For example, someone used the foulest language going in a tweet last week and I clicked unfollow right away. That kind of thing just doesn’t interest me so it’s a no no and will be for many. You have been warned! Think carefully if you want greater engagement on twitter or the wedding’s off!

What turns you off tweeters? Do you have any specific pet hates? Do leave a comment or tweet us!


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