G&Tea – 80 Days Gin

The story of G&Tea started out in October 2020 with a trio of Gin and Tea lovers, they use the finest leaf teas, herbs and fruits from around the world to ensure that their creation is one that people will fall in love with, they work with the masters at Colwith distillery in Cornwall to create their Gins by infusing their natural ingredients, they also take note of peoples honest feedback, because they know it is a crucial way of learning how to evolve and produce a Gin that people want.

They proudly state that their gins start out as a potato, that potato then leaves the farm and becomes a bottle of Gin, they use water from an underground aquifer and is powered by renewable energy.

Tasting Notes – This worldly gin is a real voyage of discovery on the palate, including British Royal gala apples, Rose petals from Pakistan, Hungarian Orris root, Chinese Cassia and exotic Grains of Paradise from the Ivory Coast. – G&Tea Gin

One thing I will say is that you need to be a Tea lover to enjoy these gins because they do really capture the flavours very well indeed, to the fact I was pleasantly surprised at how much the flavour of the Tea shined through.

They display the ingredients which they used in creating this Gin, which I thought was very interesting, here they are: Pear Pieces, Rosehip, Cinnamon, Rose Petals, Orange Peel, Apple Pieces and Hibiscus

Oliver Walkey

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