SUCCEED! An Inspirational Toolkit for the Serious Entrepreneur

Ihqlak Hussain’s new book, SUCCEED!: An Inspirational Toolkit for the Serious Entrepreneur, dives into the author’s own personal experience, coming from a tough background, working hard and successfully achieving his goals. This book offers easy to understand and must-read advice for budding entrepreneurs designed to highlight how to plan, develop and execute a new business venture. With a step-by-step toolkit, real life case examples, inspirational stories and a realistic game plan for the launch of a new start-up, SUCCEED!, has become a must read for those ready to begin their entrepreneurial journey.

This book has been derived from a handout that Ihqlak produced, whilst at University College Birmingham, that addressed the challenge of simplifying business plans for non-business students.

Having refined this handout over the years, Ihqlak developed it into a more sophisticated booklet that then became the basis of a well-received degree in Business Enterprise. The aim was to produce an easy-to-follow template of creating a workable business plan.

The foreword, written by Melvyn Pryer, discusses how when teaching, with Ihqlak, at University College Birmingham, they found that their students were full of ideas but needed guidance to refine and organise their thoughts into comprehensive business plans, with a specific focus on the financial aspects. In the face of the coronavirus and with many redundancies taking place, many entrepreneurial opportunities arise, and SUCCEED!, offers guidance to those eager to create and develop their own business, with advice in overcoming those challenges that exist amongst business start-ups.

With over 20 years of experience in start-ups, from client consultations at AMCI to university lecturing, Ihqlak is extremely qualified. He has advised entrepreneurs, around the world, as a Chartered Certified Accountant since 2003, with a 98% success rate. His guidance is straightforward and covers various sectors throughout the different stages of the economic climate. With the future of business being uncertain, this is the time for innovative entrepreneurs to follow their business dreams using Ihqlak’s book to help them begin their own ventures.

Marc Greene, the director and founder of Skirting World LTD, has said that SUCCEED! is ‘fundamental to the launch of any business venture’ and if you wish to thrive in business, like he has following Ihqlak’s advice, then you should read this book to learn the best from the best.

With more than 4.4 million new companies starting in 2020, a 26.9% increase from 2019, there has not been a greater need for this book than now. Available to pre-order on to your Kindle from Amazon, SUCCEED!, has been exclusively designed to show you how to achieve your goals in financial success. Whether you are: wanting to start a business but unsure how to do so; been affected by COVID-19 and want to find financial security for your family; or are a student with an exciting new business venture, this is the book for you.

‘With the increased number of new businesses over the last year, and the expectation for this number to continue to grow, I have designed a business guide, based on my own experiences, for new entrepreneurs to develop successful plans to help execute their new business enterprises.’ Ihqlak Hussain.

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