Herb & Spice Sprays – Are they as Good as the Real Thing?

Turci is a family company that was established in 1915, standing on the solid ground of over 100 years of tradition and passion for food.

Straight from Tuscany Italian, these Herbs and Spices Sprays are naturally extracted with traditional methods to preserve all the flavour and taste of freshly harvested herbs.

On the side of the spray, it tells you how much 4 sprays will get you, for example, the basil, 4 sprays = 2 basil leaves and for the chilli, 4 sprays = 1/2 a red chilli.

Each bottle contains 200 sprays.

You have the selection of Oregano, Basil, Garlic, Chilli, Lemon and Rosemary, I got to try out the first four with a 21 day British matured beef steak.

First I tried the Oregano, “4 squirts are enough to bring out the oregano flavours without overpowering the steak”

Then I tried the Basil, this was my favourite out of the four, “As if it was the real leaf four squirts work perfectly to create a great tasting steak”

Next, I had the Garlic, “The garlic is there, but is weaker than the other with four squirts”

Finally, I had the Chilli, “You can taste the chilli as it comes in, but without the spicy part, four squirts is definitely not enough if you want a kick”

Comparing them to the real things with the four squirts, the oregano and the basil are spot on, whereas the garlic and the chilli are a little weaker than the real thing, but if you just add a couple more squirts it will taste the same.

Each spray has its own recommendations on the back, for example, let’s take the basil, ‘Ideal on Caprese Salads and Pasta. Try on Pizza, Sandwiches and in Soups’.

From Italy to my dinner plate these are useful items to have in your kitchen.


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