Is Your Location Affecting Business?

No matter what industry you work within location is always going to have an impact on your business. Obviously, those in retail may see the direct affects in terms of sales but location may also affect staff commuting, and distribution. Here we will look at each of these areas in detail.

Effect on Staff

As well as consumers, you must also consider staff, from where the most skilled workers are to how easy it is to commute to your base. You don’t want to discourage potential employees.

You may wish to consider public transport options around the area, or parking facilities. Office/workspace with ample parking for staff can be seen as a real benefit, saving employees money and time. Surprisingly city centre locations may not offer many parking facilities and therefore a more suburban or industrial park facility may suit you better.

Also, think about local facilities; are there any coffee shops or cafes where employees can enjoy a real break on their lunch hour.

Effects on Distribution

Distribution can be a generic term but you should think about suppliers and the location of consumers.


There are many things to consider when it comes to suppliers after all without them you would not have a product to sell. A good place to start is thinking about how they deliver, is it by van or lorry? The size of the vehicle can make a big difference after all you wouldn’t want a lorry blocking small country lanes.

Then there’s the speed of which you require the items this is when you must consider motorway access, or maybe even runway access!


In this digital world, more and more items are ordered online so a good distribution system to the consumer is vital. You may wish to consider where the majority of your consumers are from or the type of relationship you require with them, is it fact-to-face, digital, or over the telephone – in which case you will need a good connection – yes, even in this modern age it can be difficult to find.

When looking for commercial property try professionals such as Pall Mall Estates as this can be a daunting task, especially when trying to keep a business ongoing at the same time.


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