Here’s Why You Should be Using Video as Part of Your Marketing Campaign

Using video as part of a marketing campaign is a fun and innovative way of improving reach and content efficiency for businesses. 

For a small business, the marketing needs come with their own unique challengest-such as not having the skills, time, or budget for a stand-out marketing campaign. 

However, thanks to video marketing, small businesses are using the power of video to attract, convert, and retain new customers—and achieving highly successful results.

As an increasing number of small companies adopt video marketing strategies, it’s becoming clear that if you’re not using video, you’re missing out on vital techniques of reaching new customers. 

Here are a few reasons that using video marketing can improve the growth of your small business and why you should be using it if you’re not already. 

Business Analytics 

The use of video provides clear-cut, comprehensive data outlining how successful the current marketing strategy is. As well as seeing how many people have viewed your video, you can also use click view to see how many people have clicked on any links related to the video to best see how people have engaged with your content. 

Personalise Your Brand 

By utilising video as part of your marketing efforts, it allows you to put a face to your brand, meaning you’re able to form a deeper and more personal connection to your target audience. Nobody enjoys watching content that is sterile, lacking personality or charisma. Using video with current colleagues and recent customers puts the face back into the business. Customers will begin to feel as though they know the business and generate trust as a result. 

On-Site Engagement

Where a website used to be a ‘go-to’ for people to find information about your brand, times have changed and now your website is the landing point in which you are likely to make a sale. 

Using video can give site visitors a better user experience, resulting in people spending more time spent on a page, with proven results. 

Keep an eye on metrics, and take advantage of the free tools available from your video production company to track video return on investment. 

Generate Leads 

While not a natural method of lead generation, there are ways in which video can be used to generate soft leads- for example using an email capture form following a video, maybe of multiple parts, mean that you will follow up leads with genuinely interested potential customers. 

It’s the video’s job to sell the product, and the job of email capture to generate a lead. 

Customer Conversion 

As a marketer, you should be tracking the percentage of conversions to a sale as a result of the marketing scheme to report for Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Simple tactics such as adding annotation links within your videos to a landing page will draw attention to your Call To Action (CTA), will likely increase the chances of customer follow through and eventual conversion.

Using video is a robust and evolving method of marketing. 


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