Protecting Your Workers In Dangerous Environments

It is simply not acceptable to have even one injury on your premises, or within your business. This sounds like a harsh reality, but what would the alternative be? That we are permitted a 5% injury rate each year, with an intent of pushing that figure down? No, the goal must always be a 0% injury rate no matter what, without excuses. Of course, we must do everything we can to stop this happening, but also fully prepare for when it does, by giving our staff the best of financial insurance, the most stringent safety check accountability, and replacing safety equipment as regularly as is reasonable. We must also ensure staff training is always a priority no matter what.


However, protecting your workers in dangerous environments can sometimes require a little more care. It’s also something that requires specification. For this post, we will be referring to the danger of a manufacturing line, where machinery or equipment is in use throughout the day. This is because areas such as this often promote the highest number of workplace injuries each year, and so is a worthwhile place to start.


Please, consider:


Floor Grip


The worst thing possible is for slippy or uneven flooring to be present within your manufacturing line. This is where anti fatigue matting can help completely offset moisture, debris and other trip hazards when someone is working on your line, or in a somewhat sensitive environment. On top of that, we would recommend supplying your staff with non-slip shoes. For example, if staff were working in an industrial kitchen, often steel-toe capped crocs are the best, as they can prevent the injury that might occur when tools such as knives are accidentally dropped, and completely limit the slip hazard due to their grip. On top of that, protective clothing and excess visibility is essential.




The lighting of your firm is incredibly important to get right. Quite simply, it is essential to ensure no area is cast in shadow within your manufacturing line, and that the right bulbs are used. Certain fluorescent bulbs can flicker which sometimes matches the rotational speed of active machinery, perhaps even obfuscating the wheel of a saw, or the quick movements of a drill. This is of course incredibly essential to avoid, and so industrial lighting MUST be invested in.




It is common for manufacturing lines or stressful work environments to have a need for great ventilation. Not only can this improve air quality, but it can siphon away harmful fumes that an employee might otherwise become exposed to. On top of that, ventilation can help the awareness of a staff member become maintained, as well as ensuring your line is a more pleasant place to work. On top of that, it can also prevent a fire. This should be seen as important to any firm.


With this advice, we believe that you will effectively protect your workers in dangerous environments.


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